10 New SocialClimb Features for 2020, So Far!

Posted on May 22, 2020 by

While you have been forced to put elective surgeries and patient interactions on hold, we have been working hard on features and tools to help you restart your practice and even grow it as you reopen.

We have added at 10+ new features in 2020 that make Automated Patient Acquisition real and easy. We continue to improve our platform’s ability to automatically deliver the 3 keys that get you the patients you want:

Predictive Patient Analytics shows you where concentrations of potential patients are by zip code.
Targeted Patient Ads puts your doctor’s at the top of search results in those hot zip codes.
Call Tracker enables you to identify the inbound calls of ‘net new’ patients and existing patients originating from Ads and GMB pages.
Patient Acquisition Costing on the Marketing Report shows you the actual costs and patient names that were acquired through reputation ads and physician listings.
Risk Prediction Data via the Keyword Report provides insight into the physicians in your practice that are most likely to be sued by patients.
Executive Dashboard shows the top-performing and poorest performing physicians during the month as well as keyword analysis on what all patients shared.
Our partner Arrowlytics has integrated their practice optimization analysis features directly into the SocialClimb platform. Improve profitability with the data and action plan.
Survey data collected through SocialClimb now provides national benchmarking vs. physicians in similar practices.
SocialClimb’s Listing Optimization continues to evolve as Google grows the features and attributes managed for each Google My Business page. Get a 10/10 on the SocialClimb Scorecard and you will be found on Google local search!
SocialClimb makes it so easy to use Google Posts to increase physician and practice visibility. Simply upload the image and input the details and SocialClimb builds, maintains, and tracks the results automatically.

If you are a customer and want to learn more about features you are not yet using, contact your account manager, call 512-643-8755 or email [email protected].

If you are new to SocialClimb, contact our sales team to learn how Automated Patient Acquisition can grow your practice by calling 801-998-2830 or emailing [email protected].

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