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As a service organization you live and die by what your customers feel and say about the work your service team provides. Your service team in the field is the key.

Do they communicate well with the customer, do what they said they would and then do they make sure the customer is happy? If your team succeeds in those three areas but fails to get the customer to publicly review or post about a job well done, a huge opportunity is lost.

How can you enable, incentivize and track  your service team’s efforts in winning customer reviews?

  1. You need to make asking for reviews simple and personal.
  2. You need to give your team a reason to care about asking for and getting great reviews.
  3. You need to track and almost ‘gamify’ the process so everyone knows what is expected and how it is measured.

If your service team is still using printed cards full of instructions to get customers writing reviews, you are years behind. Your service team and customers have smartphones and tablets, use them. Try a service like SocialClimb that enable a personalized review request to be sent in seconds and a customer review to be given in seconds.

Develop a program and invest a little in getting your service team to care about collecting great reviews. Offer a cash bonus, and incentive trip or something else to the team that really makes them care about getting great reviews.

Finally, use a service like SocialClimb’s Scoreboard to track and report on each member’s efforts and success in getting great reviews. The Scoreboard takes all the guessing out of the process. It is clear to everyone which team members are making the most effort and who is most successful at increasing the ratings and reviews for the business.

Getting your service team to make their customers happy has always been the key to your business. Today, getting those happy customers to help you find more customers has never been easier.  Use SocialClimb and get your business growing!