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We get a lot of questions at SocialClimb about our product, why it works different than most competitors and what is on the horizon. Without giving our competitors too much information on our secret sauce and innovative idea’s, here are some answers to those frequently asked questions.

Q: How’s the update coming for Yelp and BBB? Have an ETA yet on when we can see reviews connected?

A: We have been working closely with Yelp and are working on our Yelp integration now. A few customers have been given early access to Yelp and BBB and are testing it. Stay tuned for more information.

Q: How do Google reviews work?

A:  Some of this is theory, some is proven but Google does not share the details publicly of the algorithm. We do know that Google reviews are very location sensitive.  Google tracks the GPS location for all reviews, where it can. It correlates the location of those reviews, the rating, the frequency, etc. to your business location.

Google knows if you are getting a lot of reviews from people in Bakersfield for your Fresno location. This helps them know what your ‘service area’ really is for your Fresno office, Bakersfield office, etc.

The ideal model is to get great reviews and review velocity from customers in each service area for their unique Google My Business location. For example, get Fresno based reviews for your Fresno office, Bakersfield reviews for your Bakersfield office etc.

Q: Why do you claim SocialClime impacts more than marketing?

A: Most online review software programs generate enough reviews to balance out the negative comments people will make on their own. This is a big win in many ways in that in levels the playing ground.

With SocialClimb though, our proprietary method of collecting data and encouraging reviews generates high velocity feedback from all customers. Because the quantity of feedback is so high organizations actually get quantifiable data that can be used to make organizational changes that improves culture, customer experience, marketing messages, and operational processes.

Q: Are there some industries that SocialClimb does perform well for?

A: Right now SocialClimb has been experiencing monumental success in the medical and service industries. We really have not branched out very far past those. We imagine that because our clients have great relationships with their own customers, these people are more inclined provide positive feedback when deserved instead of putting it on the back burner.

However, these same clients do not experience the same kind of results with competing platforms. So while some industries may do better than others with online reviews software in general, our experience is that regardless of your industry, you will have better odds of implementing a successful program with SocialClimb.

We know why that it is, and it is part of our secret sauce. But we would be happy to share this with anyone during a demo of our program.