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If you are still handing customers printed cards to request reviews, you are doing it wrong! Every one of your customers has a smart phone.  Use SocialClimb to get your customers to give you great reviews in seconds on their smart phones!

Handing a customer a card with instructions that send them to your website or some review company’s website is madness.  Any process that requires a list of instructions for your customers to complete is too complicated and outdated.  

Get a 10x the response rate over cards/instructions by using SocialClimb to text intelligent invitations to your customers for reviews.  

  • Never print or hand out a review request card again
  • Easily send text review invitations in seconds
  • Let SocialClimb’s smart invitation route your happiest customers to public reviews sites and your not so happy customer to a private response page.
  • Get 10x more reviews from the same customer base.
  • Watch your reviews, local search results and your business grow.

Click here to learn more, and see how fast your reviews and business can grow!