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Our major practice customers know that health care is yet another service where the customers demands  to understand what they are buying before they buy. It can be called the ‘consumerization’ of Health Care.

The power is in the patients hands or they want it to be. Reviews, ratings and public postings about doctors, practices and hospitals are now the reality for the health care industry.

Not long ago, patients simply used whomever their primary care provider referred them to. Now a patient often reads more than 10 reviews on a doctor or practice before make a choice.

As real-patient outcomes become the primary focus of providers, practices and insurers, how the patient feels, how the patients feels she was treated and her social reviews will literally influence compensation. The health care world is continuing to change and getting more connected patients is what every practice needs to do.

The SocialClimb service enables practices to automatically connect with patients, get feedback, measure outcomes and gain valuable social reviews. Contact our team today to learn more about how SocialClimb can help your practice make the ‘consumerization’ of health care work for you.