Case Study


Orthopedic + Fracture Specialists’ 35 providers had serviced thousands of patients in the greater Portland, Oregon, area in its 85 years of service. However, not many of those happy and healthy patients had taken time to leave social medical reviews about their positive experience.

The practice’s star ratings and review volume on key social review platforms were far below the high standard of care the physicians and staff provide. The group needed to get the silent majority of very happy patients to share their feedback on Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, etc.

The lower ratings and reviews were causing the practice to be less visible to potential patients searching for orthopedic care options. This efficiently run practice did not have the time or money to waste and needed results that were real and measurable. 





CEO Sheila Kisor and her team decided the best solution in the market for their needs was SocialClimb. The platform’s comprehensive feature set, simple setup process, and instant results for many practices helped the team make their decision.

SocialClimb had several features that were critical to Orthopedic + Fracture Specialists’ needs.

  • Automation: The team did not have time to spend inviting patients manually via email or text messages. Staff time is precious and in short supply, so SocialClimb’s automatic service was ideal.
  • Practice Management System Integration: Automation really only works long term if it becomes part of the key systems used every day. SocialClimb’s support of 50+ PM/EHR systems made it clear this was real integration.
  • Fully Customizable Patient Experience in the Invitation Process: The marketing team wanted all patient experiences to maintain the brand and quality delivered by the practice.
  • Inline Response Tools: The occasional negative review does still happen. The best practice for negative reviews is a quick personal response that moves the conversation offline. SocialClimb’s inline response tools make this process simple and centralized.
  • Real and Measurable Results: SocialClimb’s more than 3,000 orthopedic surgeon customers provided proof of the effectiveness and value of the platform.
  • Innovative Partner: SocialClimb’s commitment to continually innovating in the reputation and practice marketing space gave the team confidence to create a long-term relationship despite the fact that month-to-month contracts are all SocialClimb requires.


The immediate increase in patient reviews on Google, Facebook, and Healthgrades was incredible. Within the first month of use, Orthopedic + Fracture Specialists had received more public reviews than it had in the previous 18 months

The increased ratings and reviews, along with SocialClimb’s optimization of the practice’s Google My Business pages, have made the practice twice as visible in local search results and increased inbound phone and web traffic significantly. 


Orthopedic + Fracture Specialists delivers high-quality care in a competitive and tech-savvy community. The group wanted to empower its happy patients to help tell its story on social media—and the patients did just that!

The automated process of inviting the patients to provide public reviews has increased total public reviews for the practice from 400 to 2,800, with an average Google rating of 4.72 stars. Inbound clicks and calls have nearly doubled.

“The SocialClimb product and team have been great to work with, and the results for our practice are exactly what was promised,” said Sheila Kisor, CEO of Orthopedic + Fracture Specialists. “The improvement in our practice reputation at the social media level has helped us continue to grow, and SocialClimb reporting keeps our surgeons and team informed of all patient-reported issues.”

SocialClimb create 5 star reputations for top doctors and practices.

Each surgeon receives dozens of reviews monthly.

SocialClimb create 5 star reputations for top doctors and practices.

Inbound calls and clicks from local search are up 45%.

SocialClimb makes listing management for your doctors and practice easy.

The practice ranks #1 for local search on key terms.

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