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With more than 24 local markets where Southwestern Eye Center needs to rank highly for Google Local Search, getting great reviews from patients in each market is key. Despite providing wonderful care to thousands of Arizona residents in those markets every month, Southwestern Eye Center struggled to improve its ratings and reviews. 

Its 45 highly trained doctors were receiving very few social reviews. With low numbers of reviews, it was easy for one unhappy patient to dramatically influence the entire business. Getting patients to leave social reviews and feedback has traditionally been difficult and time consuming. Southwestern Eye Center needed help and they needed that help to be cost effective and something that required low to no effort from the staff at each of its locations. 

SocialClimb met all of Southwestern Eye Center’s requirements: 

  • Completely automated patient feedback service. No staff or doctor time required.
  • Personalized patient review invitations sent from physicians automatically.
  • Review/Rating tracking and notifications in real-time.
  • In-line response features for major social platforms.
  • Physician and location report cards sent each month.




After evaluating several options and considering other internal efforts that could have been used, the marketing team decided to partner with SocialClimb to improve social reviews and patient feedback flow at all locations. 

Implementation of the SocialClimb’s automated service took only a few hours. SocialClimb’s easy to use features and reporting began improving the reputation within days. 

Key Components 

  • Patient Review Invitations — Text message and email invitations are automatically sent to each patient. Most negative feedback is captured privately and delivered to the Southwestern Eye Center team. Patients who are willing to share publicly about their experience at Southwestern Eye Centers are directed to options such as Google, Facebook, Health Grades, or Vitals . 
  • Instant Notifications —Notifications enable the correct team members to be notified instantly of patient feedback that needs immediate attention. In addition to instant notifications, team members receive daily and weekly digests as well as complete monthly report cards for each provider and physical location. 
  • In-Line Response Tools —These tools are used to respond to all public reviews from within the SocialClimb system. This makes managing the high volume of review responses for their 24 locations simple. 
  • Provider and Location Report Cards — Each physician and location receives a Report Card in the SocialClimb system. The Report Card tracks providers’ scores and gives them easy access to all reviews their patients have posted. Weekly and monthly automated reports help them track their improvement and trends. 


  • With SocialClimb’s automated system in place, Southwestern Eye Center receives more than 250 highly rated social reviews on Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, etc. every month! 
  • The increase in social review volumes and higher ratings had propelled Southwestern Eye Center’s facilities to be the top rated search result in nearly every market served. Those high search results have translated into increased patient traffic and growing revenue. 


Every month thousands of patients are invited to leave reviews and hundreds of them do. The entire process is automated and very efficient.

Improved social review scores translated quickly into improved rankings on Google and greater visibility on Facebook. After 6 months of SocialClimb use, Southwestern Eye Center's low rankings in search engine results were transformed into positive rankings and great search results for the keywords tracked in each location.

Now that Southwestern Eye Center has been using SocialClimb for more than two years, its locations dominate local search results and it has more than 6,000 reviews on Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, Vitals, and Yelp. Additionally, the average rating on all social review platforms for all locations has increased from 3.64 stars to 4.64 stars.

The dramatic increase in social review volume gives Southwestern Eye Center a strong reputation and a bit of 'insurance' against the occasional lower rating review that could be left.

SocialClimb's Notifications, Response tools, Service Recovery features, and Return on Investment calculators aid the Southwestern Eye Center's management team to have the tools they need to respond to patient feedback and keep senior management informed on progress.

"Increased positive reviews and occasional private critiques of our service have enabled us to improve our search ranking and our practice." - Melissa Pipkin, Director of Marketing at Southwestern Eye Center

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