Case Study


Texas Orthopedics, a large and highly respected Orthopedic practice with multiple locations, was concerned about their local search rankings and their “social proof” factor in the greater Austin, Texas market. With lower than desired ratings and a relatively low monthly review volume at key platforms (Google, Facebook, Yelp, Healthgrades, etc.) the team at Texas Orthopedics knew they needed a new approach.



The TO team was introduced to SocialClimb through The OrthoForum and became interested after hearing the results SocialClimb had achieved for other Orthopedic practices looking to improve their social reviews and build their online presence. SocialClimb’s features seemingly covered all of the issues identified by the TO team:

  • Increased the quantity and quality of the social reviews coming from happy, satisfied patients
  • Improved their Google local search rankings
  • Enabled immediate patient feedback to the operations team and a set of simple response tools
  • Rating and ranking of physicians by patient satisfaction
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Completely automated service requiring no daily effort to initiate
  • HIPAA compliant and secure
  • Full reporting tools to enable measurable practice improvement models



Text message reminders are core to the SocialClimb model. DOC now uses SocialClimb to automatically deliver personalized text messages from physicians within 24 hours of an office visit that invites patients to internally review their experience. Reviews that are potentially negative go straight to the DOC team for damage control. Patients who feel positive about their experience at DOC are directed to leave a public review on sites like Google, Facebook, Health Grades, or Vitals.  SocialClimb’s quick links allow them to leave a positive review in seconds with very little effort.


The TO team is instantly notified of any negative reviews from patients. This enables them to quickly respond to issues and make adjustments. It also identifies what needs improvement.


Within the first week, TO started seeing dramatic results. As the reviews started pouring in, they were thrilled to see their average star rating improve. After 3 months with SocialClimb, they had an average Google rating of 4.7 stars across their six offices and more than 1,000 reviews!

In addition to the increase in quantity and quality of reviews, TO is benefiting from significant improvements in their search rankings! Their locations in the Austin area consistently rank as one of the top three for most orthopedics related keywords that the marketing team tracks.

To top it all off, TO is thrilled to be getting real-time feedback from their patients. Upset patients are heard from instantly and their issues are resolved quickly. The volume of reviews and responses enables the TO team to know how each location and each provider is performing from their patients' perspectives.

The doctors and staff at TO appreciate the Report Card and the data it provides them to make improvements at all levels. SocialClimb gives them a tangible way of seeing how their peers are servicing patients. A little healthy competition to improve patient care never hurts.

“SocialClimb has been the key component for us as we have worked to improve our social media presence. We knew it would help us with our social reviews but we have been pleasantly surprised with SocialClimb’s ability to help us better connect with our patients for all types of feedback. I would recommend SocialClimb to any practice.” Jennifer Kinman - Chief Development Officer of Texas Orthopedics

SocialClimb create 5 star reputations for top doctors and practices.

TO went from 200 to 1,000+ reviews in 3 months

SocialClimb create 5 star reputations for top doctors and practices.

Top 3 spot for google searches on orthopedics

SocialClimb makes listing management for your doctors and practice easy.

Nearly all tracked keywords ranked in the Google 3-Pack

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