7 Reasons You’re Not Acquiring New Patients

Posted on Sep 16, 2021 by

Acquiring new patients is more competitive than it used to be. Gone are the days when you could rely on your current patients to spread the word or trust that recommendations from primary care physicians would fill your schedules. Those methods are no longer enough to keep your practice growing. Maintaining your independence means attracting and... Read More

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How to Build a 5-Star Reputation in 4 Simple Steps

Posted on Sep 14, 2021 by

In 2020, upwards of 90% of patients used online reviews to evaluate physicians and find new healthcare providers. If you don’t have a stellar reputation and people can’t find you online, how will you attract new patients and generate more revenue? You won’t, but your competitors will.  Maybe you’ve never given much thought to building... Read More

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Read Ty’s Latest Forbes Articles on Saving the Independent Medical Practice

Posted on Sep 9, 2021 by

Our CEO, Ty Allen, recently published a two-part series in Forbes on saving independent medical practices.  The healthcare industry has experienced increased pressure over the past year and a half due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Independent medical practices have been hit hard, facing tough decisions on how to meet patient needs and keep their doors... Read More

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More Patients than Ever: Is Your Orthopedics Practice Ready?

Posted on Sep 2, 2021 by

Almost 18 months ago, nearly every scheduled elective health procedure was canceled as a result of the global lockdown. Perhaps you were one of the millions of people scheduled to have an “elective” procedure, such as a knee or hip replacement, or shoulder surgery.  I use the term “elective” loosely, because, as you know, those... Read More

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5 Biggest Medical Marketing Myths to Bust

Posted on Aug 12, 2021 by

Don’t fall for these medical marketing myths that could keep you from effectively building your practice. Healthcare marketing has a tendency to lag behind traditional business marketing, and much of that gap is due to some well-established medical marketing myths. The top five medical marketing myths alone cause medical practices and physicians to miss out... Read More

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Have You Turned on Your Call Tracker?

Posted on Aug 6, 2021 by

If you haven’t turned on your call tracker, you are missing out on knowing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.  Data rules. In today’s connected environment, if you’re not already collecting data to improve your methods, you’re behind the times. You may have been told that it’s too hard to track the effectiveness of healthcare... Read More

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction

Posted on Jul 13, 2021 by

How happy are your patients? Do you know how to gauge patient satisfaction? This morning, I bought a new phone case and a brush for my dog on Amazon. Before I actually clicked “Place my order,” I read nearly a zillion reviews of each product. Then I read even more reviews about competing products before... Read More

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Do You Know Your Patient Cost per Lead?

Posted on Jun 8, 2021 by

Understanding your patient CPL allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing spend and grow your practice more quickly.  Your patient cost per lead (or patient CPL) is a metric that shows you the value of your marketing spend. It’s literally how much it costs you to attract the attention of a potential new... Read More

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