Predictive Analytics Changes the Game in Healthcare Marketing


AI technology will attract the right patients


Hospital systems have used big data and predictive analytics to attract patients for years. Until now, these acquisition tools have been cost prohibitive to independent practices.

That is no longer the case.


SocialClimb has changed the game in targeted patient acquisition, giving practices of any size access to the same big data and predictive analytics that hospitals use. These tools can be used to identify the right patient for a specific doctor and find similar patients in the same area.



Imagine identifying a list of patients in your area who are currently looking for the medical care you provide. Next, imagine that you can filter that list down to those patients who have the right insurance and the best profile to become a high-value patient for you. The implications are almost endless, but here’s a short list of what the data could do for you:


  • Identify your ideal patients
  • Know where they live
  • Market your surgeons
  • Find the best location for a new practice
  • Make the best use of your marketing spend
  • Improve your patient mix with high-value patients


Today’s predictive analytics can identify people at high risk for specific medical concerns so you can connect with them to provide the care they need.


SocialClimb’s Patient Analytics


SocialClimb has big data sets on over 250 million individuals in the U.S. across 200 data points. Our artificial intelligence (AI) tools will sift through data to find results based on specified care models we have set up.


Your ideal patients are unique to your needs. The type of care you want to focus on is important to the care model you select. You may want to specialize in knee replacement, bunionectomies, concussions, or spine surgery. But that’s just part of the equation. 


The type of insurance coverage a patient has will directly impact your reimbursement. Our predictive analytics will also find patients with the insurance that works best for your practice to maximize your revenue. The type of procedure you want to bring in paired with the right coverage will give you a patient ideal for your needs. 


The 230+ care models we have in place identify behaviors and information used to filter the data. For example, our care model for joint pain may include, in part, identifiers such as age, gender, OTC and prescription drug use, sports participation, self-reported issues for joint pain, web searches and purchases related to joint pain, financial information, and type of insurance. Our predictive tools will use these identifiers to bring up zip code areas with high concentrations of the type of patients you’re looking for. 


This screenshot from our platform shows how easy it is to use our predictive analytics tool.


Predictive Analytics Details


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