Newsletter April 2020

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Boost Upgrade
Our Boost feature has been upgraded to give you a bigger benefit and improved functionality. The simplified interface lets you easily access and update your Daily Budget, Target, and Playbook. We’ve also added Ad Groups so you can set up both text and responsive ads and target as many groups as you need.We will identify your high-value patients with our deep analytics. You can then target them with Google Ads to bring in a more profitable mix of patients. Customers who are using our Boost to send ads have experienced a jump in the number of calls they receive from their GMB listings and their profit margins have improved.

Medical Practice Recovery Plan
Do you have a plan in place to help your medical practice recover financially from the COVID-19 pandemic? We’ve put together a plan that will help you take charge of your growth as social distancing and stay at home orders are eased in your area, and we’ve outlined steps you canand shouldtake now.Read Three-Phase COVID-19 Recovery Plan for Medical Practices to prepare your practice for growth and get back on track with your 2020 business plan. Read more.

“Medical practices are making some tough calls to stay in business during COVID-19. For both small and large practices, some cut-backs may even extend to furloughing employees.”

“As you begin to fill your schedule with appointments and elective procedures, the best way to grow is to bring in the most profitable patients. Our predictive analytics tools will identify those patients for you so we can then target them with Google Ads.”

Digital Marketing During COVID-19
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on medical practices and hospitals is widely varied. Your first instinct may be to pull the plug on all digital marketing efforts, but that may not be the right diagnosis for your situation. It’s important to get through the disruption and also maintain the health of your practice. You may find the answers you’re looking for in this article, “Should Providers Maintain Medical Digital Marketing During
SocialClimb Forms Strategic Partnership with SaaS Capital
We have secured non-dilutive funding through SaaS Capital, the leading credit provider to software-as-a-service companies, to help us achieve some significant and exciting growth opportunities. The line of credit will allow us to expand our predictive analysis tools and refine our innovative platform so we can help medical practices recover quickly from the current disruption. Read more.
Face to Face with a Pandemic
As healthcare workers, you’re on the front lines of a situation that has impacted our health, our economy, and the way we live our lives. At the same time, you’re facing job insecurity as elective procedures and appointments are put on hold. Read more.

“Across the US, hospitals are slashing pay, laying off workers, reassigning people to other departments, or cutting hours. Labor Department data from March shows some of the biggest employment declines occurred in outpatient settings, while overall hospital employment was roughly flat.”

I have been honored to cultivate a close relationship with many of you, our customers, as we’ve worked together to optimize GMB listings, integrate our platform, and bring in new patients. The impact of the COVID-19 virus has been excruciatingly clear as we’ve spoken on the phone and exchanged emails. You have experienced layoffs and furloughs, we’ve talked through delaying or reducing payment options, and I’ve seen the lengths you’ve gone to in putting your patients’ health first in what can only be
described as very trying circumstances.

For many of you, I have been able to help in sending important communications to your patients through our platform, and I’m grateful we’ve been in a position to offer that service. It’s a small thing that we can do to help in a world so unsettled and unpredictable. Many groups are not set up to reach out to their patients in this way, and it has been rewarding to get those messages out at no cost and spare you the expense of hiring a third party to get that set up for you. Read more about the impact of those efforts here.

Please know that our team at SocialClimb will continue to do all we can to help ease the burdens created by the pandemic. You are welcome to turn to us for help with your patient communications or anything tied to GMB as we work through this disruption. We are just a short email or phone call away. I wish all of you health and safety at this time.

Lauren Murphy
Customer Success Manager

Take a minute to bring a smile to your face amid the chaos of our current reality as Dr. Mitch explains how SocialClimb helps him recover his bad reviews. Watch now.
April Events
Reliable IT Webinar

Emergency Survival Guide: Protecting Your Medical Practice and Revenue in 2020

Listen to our CEO, Ty Allen, and a panel of healthcare industry experts discuss how to protect your revenue during this disruptive time. Mike McCaslin gave a State of the Union Address followed by a panel discussion on technology that works to help medical practices thrive. The webinar also included a valuable Q&A session with those who joined in live.

The panel of experts weighing in on the webinar included the following:

Somerset CPAs Mike McCaslin and Karen Clark

Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Center Chris Francis

Illinois Bone & Joint Institute Matt Fletcher

SocialClimb Ty Allen

Upcoming Events

Tune in for Ty Allen’s virtual presentation, Marketing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enables Practices to Compete and Win in Any Market, on May 4. Watch for more details to come.
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