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Do you know about this SocialClimb feature?

Patient Analytics

We’re pretty proud of our new patient analytics feature. We have made the same big data and artificial intelligence (AI) hospital groups use to target patients available to you. It’s a real game changer, and medical practices using the feature have had excellent success. 

Here’s a high level explanation of how it works. From your dashboard, you can identify and target your ideal patients. You do this by selecting the care model(s) for the patient type you want. Then our predictive analytics tools will identify zip codes in your area with high concentrations of those patients so you can focus your marketing efforts to attract them. You’ll use the results to create a geo target by selecting the zip code areas where you can send your Boost Ads. 

If you would like to see how this works for you, click on the Patient Analytics tab on the left menu of your dashboard. From there you can select from 240+ care models to see the best zip codes in your area to target with your marketing efforts. 

Go ahead and play around with it so you can see how it works. And if you have any questions, simply reach out to your customer success representative. 

Nationwide Orthopaedic Recruitment Site Sponsored by AOC Launching September 2020 
The Academic Orthopaedic Consortium (AOC) is launching a national recruitment site next month. The site provides a central location for orthopaedic surgeon job postings from private practices and universities across the nation, making it easier for trainees and practices to connect for recruitment purposes. 

The AOC has offered SocialClimb private practice cliets the opportunity to advertise their job postings for free through January, 2021. Read more about it on our blog post, Nationwide Orthopaedic Recruitment Site Sponsored by AOC Launching September 2020.

To list a job on AOC’s orthopaedic recruitment site, please click on the link below to answer a few questions. AOC’s survey will take less than five minutes.

Improve Your Patient Mix to Get a Better Payer Mix

It’s more important than ever to fill your schedules with a profitable patient mix. Our predictive analytics tool will show you zip code areas with high concentrations of patients at risk for specific medical conditions your doctors want to focus on. The metrics can be cross referenced with zip codes that also have a higher percentage of patients who carry the type of insurance that will most benefit your practice. 

Attracting these high-value patients will improve your patient mix and bump up your revenue. 

Read more. 

Understanding Your Payer Mix
Physician’s Practice gives a good explanation of why all payers don’t pay the same in their article, Managing Your Payer Mix to Improve Your Bottom Line. Their revenue math shows the story with a couple of examples that illustrate the significant differences in reimbursement rates and why it’s important to improve your payer mix.


Plans to reimburse differently on the same CPT codes, so attracting patients with the insurance that works best for you will boost your revenue significantly. Read more. 

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You’ve got a lot going on with all the plates you’re trying to keep spinning. Sometimes it may even feel like you’re herding cats. Let us help you master your herd.  

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Upcoming Events

Several upcoming events have been cancelled or changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The list below represents most current information that we have on upcoming events. 

The following events are still scheduled as of today:  

October 15 – 17, 2020
San Antonio, Texas

November 4 5, 2020
Chicago, Illinois

November 6 7, 2020
Chicago, Illinois

November 16 20, 2020


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