Newsletter February 2020

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Reply Library
Now that you’re getting all those reviews, how do you find the time to reply to them? Crafting the right response can take a few minutes, but our reply library will cut that time down to next to nothing AND help you find the right wordswhether you’re responding to a positive or negative review.

Even the most conscientious practices and physicians get an occasional negative review. The benefit of occasional bad feedback is twofold: one, it shows that your reviews are real, and two, it gives you the opportunity to improve your service. But one of the biggest factors in whether that negative review ends up net positive is how you respond to it.

With SocialClimb you have access to our HIPAA-compliant reply library, and we’ve just updated it with more responses to choose from so you can tailor it to your needs. You have the option of using our responses as is, customizing our responses, creating your own set of responses, or allowing your team to freely respond as needed. It’s all in your hands.

HIPAA Compliance and Online Review Responses
It’s important to respond to reviews, espeically negative ones, but it can be tricky to keep your responses HIPAA compliant. You need to read this guide to HIPAA-compliant review responses before you reply to another review! Read more.
How to Manage Unhappy Customers and Patients
Working with patients who are upset, no matter the reason, can be overwhelming. Having the right tools in your arsenal will help you navigate these encounters and turn negative experiences into positive outcomes. The seven steps listed in this article will help you validate the patient’s experience and mitigate the negative consequences.
How to respond to bad online reviews
Need a little more? Read this article published by the American Medical Association for some simple do’s and don’ts to keep your replies HIPAA compliant when you’re faced with criticism. Read more.
Ryan Evans is a Senior Account Executive at SocialClimb. He and his wife Lexi love being active and enjoy the outdoors. Ryan played basketball in college and has a very competitive spirit. He loves his family, basketball (go Jazz!), and golf.

His favorite part of his job is the excitement of new customers when they first start seeing the dramatic impact SocialClimb has on their business.

Take a minute to laugh with (or at) Dr. Mitch as he shares how SocialClimb propelled him to be the best rated doctor on the planet!
Events Recently Attended
Hawaiian Eye & Retina 2020, January 18 – 24
Thanks to those who stopped by to say hello at the 2020 Hawaiian Eye and Retina conference in Kauai, Hawaii. What a beautiful setting to forge new relationships and collaborate with 700 attendees in ways that will enhance the field of ophthalmology.
AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference, February 2 – 5
The American Hospital Association’s 2020 event in Phoenix, Arizona, was a little chilly, but it was great experience. We made some new connections and found common ground as we discussed the future of digital marketing and automated patient acquisition. We can’t wait for next year’s event!
Upcoming Events
OrthoForum, February 27 – 29
As OrthoForum Gold Sponsors in 2020, we would like to invite all attendees to enjoy some pre-conference golf on us. You can register for a tee time at

We’ll see you next week in Phoenix!

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