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SocialClimb vs Rater 8Still using Rater8 for your doctors’ reputation management? It’s time to upgrade to SocialClimb and reach your full potential.

Today’s information-saturated world is changing the way we market. With medical consumers using the internet to find a physician, doctors are increasingly turning to reputation management companies to improve their reputation, acquire patients, and grow their business. According to a recent survey, 94% of patients said they look at reviews when evaluating a physician, and 72% point to online reviews as their first step in finding a doctor. 

But you already know all that. 

You’ve taken steps to improve your social ratings. Perhaps you’ve worked with a reputation management company like Rater8, and you’re seeing some improvement in attracting new patients. That’s a great place to start.
Sending your patients requests for reviews and/or surveys is a vital first step in improving your reputation and getting seen when medical consumers search for a doctor. Unfortunately, that’s where most medical reputation management companies, like Rater8, stop. They may point you in the direction of claiming your Google My Business (GMB) listing or even optimizing that listing, but for that part, you’re on your own. They’ll get you started on your journey toward practice marketing excellence but never help you reach your full potential.

How is SocialClimb Different?

To illustrate the SocialClimb difference, we can compare our platform with a standard reputation management company, Rater8.

SocialClimb vs Rater 8

Google My Business (GMB) Listings

SocialClimb will claim and optimize your GMB listings for you at no cost because this first step is so integral to our process. We can also guide you through the process if you choose to do it yourself—though that’s a lot for your team to take on if you’re a large group with listings for all of your physicians and practice locations. You’ll also have access to our GMB Listing Scorecard that shows you how you’re doing with optimization. Check out these Best Practices for Medical GMB Listings for more information. 

Rater8 provides a guide that tells you how to claim and optimize your listings yourself.


Automation and Integration

SocialClimb integrates fully with most practice management systems so the whole process can be automated. Our platform’s HIPAA-compliant access to patient data will drive targeted patient acquisition (more on that later). We also have full API integration with Google Insights so everything can be managed from a single location.

Rater8 integrates with most practice management systems but does not integrate with Google. Instead, they provide instructions so you can go into your various Google My Business pages and analytics and manually track your listings and analytics individually—yikes.


Review and Survey Requests

SocialClimb will send fully automated, personalized review and survey requests to all your patients. Our results show that about 10% of patients will respond to review requests, naturally improving your star rating by giving voice to your silent majority of happy patients. Our full-featured survey system, which supports HCAHPS and other industry standards, allows you to choose between preset questions, fully customized questions, or anything in between. Our data shows that about 30% of patients respond to survey requests. The best part is that you can see and respond to patient feedback from a central location through our platform.

Rater8 does a great job sending out automated review requests to patients. This is pretty standard for most reputation management companies, and you’ll likely see a boost in your star rating simply by asking for feedback from your patients. 


Single Location Access

SocialClimb’s platform allows your team to access everything from a single location. No jumping from place to place to access information, analytics, reviews, surveys, responses, reports, call tracker, etc. We can also use OAuth credentials for authentication at an executive level. This is especially awesome for large medical organizations that use single sign-on access. Their access and passwords can be managed easily and securely for various assigned roles with no worries when someone leaves the organization. You can even further optimize your listings easily from our single-location platform, adding posts and QA to your pages to improve visibility with Google Local Search. 

Rater8 does not integrate with Google and does not provide a central location to access your reputation management initiatives. 


Targeted Reputation Ads

SocialClimb uses information pulled from your patient management system as well as a comprehensive nationwide database to identify your most profitable patients. With that information in hand, our GO feature will suggest customized Growth Opportunities through ads targeted to these identified individuals. You can choose to enable these Growth Opportunities based on the needs of your individual physicians and practices. With targeted ads turned on, searchers in the specified areas will see your reputation ad sitting at the top of the Google Local 3-Pack in that critical decision-making moment.

Rater8 does not suggest Google ads as a viable option for growth. They focus on only the first part of the equation, building your reputation. To be fair, no other digital marketing services organization provides this option for their clients, so Rater8 is in good company.



SocialClimb provides customizable reports that break down and analyze valuable information so you can see the full impact of your marketing efforts. You’ll receive Provider Report Cards, Location Report Cards, Survey Summary Reports, Provider Reports, Provider Impact Reports, Location Impact Reports, and a Marketing Report Card so you don’t have to guess your ROI.

Rater8 provides limited reporting. 


Google Ads Partner

SocialClimb has qualified for Google Partner* status, which means we have multiple employees certified in Google AdWords and that we meet other stringent requirements such as ongoing training and performance markers. We know the ins and outs of working with Google and your GMB listings to get you to the top of the Google Local 3-Pack and get seen by your potential patients. 

Rater8 and other companies must display the Google Partner badge on their website according to  Google’s guidelines. Rater8 displays the badge on their website but it is not dynamic and does not link to a Partner public profile page. Even though the badge is there, they are not a Google Partner. 

*Google is particular regarding how the Google Partner badge is displayed. On websites, if you hover over the three dots on the upper right of the badge, you will see the company’s specialties. In addition, the Google Partner badge must be a link to the company’s Partner public profile page. You can see our badge displayed in our bottom navigation bar.

Full Comparison of Medical Reputation Management Companies

We’ve touched on a few of the differences between the reputation management services SocialClimb and Rater8 provide for medical practices. Below is a more comprehensive chart of what we have to offer versus what Rater8 has to offer. Keep in mind that Rater8 is representative of typical reputation management companies that provide only the first step toward meeting your growth potential. To see comparisons with other companies, or if you have questions on any of the items listed below, please give us a call at 866-338-8270.


survey comparison

response tools comparison

targeted reputation ads comparisonother comparisons