The SocialClimb Download – November 2020

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Do you know about this new SocialClimb feature?
HIPAA-Compliant Integration
HIPAA-compliant integrations allow you to engage in one-to-one marketing that will attract the patients you want and build your practice. 
Our platform integrates with most patient management systems to deliver measurable results while keeping your PHI secure. Integration allows us to automatically send personalized review or survey requests to your patients within 24 hours of care. It also means you can reply to all your reviews across multiple platforms from our dashboard.
Because we also integrate with the Google My Business API and the Google Ads API, we can track the calls and clicks that come in from your GMB listings and your Boost Ads. With our Patient Analytics feature, you can find patients in your area who are looking for the care you provide. As you market directly to those high-value patients, you can calculate the effectiveness of your marketing spend down to your patient acquisition cost. Read more about the benefits of deep integration.

Two-Factor Authentication
Keeping your patient information safe is one of our top priorities. In order to better comply with regulatory standards and mandates, our platform now supports two-factor authentication. We suggest you turn it on to keep your PHI as safe as possible. The added layer of protection is worth the minor inconvenience of entering a second code. Read more.
Medical GMB Optimization Best Practices

The importance of gathering reviews and optimizing your Google My Business listings cannot be understated. This article covers the top seven elements of medical GMB optimization so you can be sure you’re taking the proper steps to improve your online visibility. Read More.​​​​​

Social Media in Healthcare
Does social media have a place in healthcare? Yes. This Hootsuite article provides some great ideas for using social media in healthcare to promote awareness, engagement, information sharing, and yes, even marketing. Read more.
“Sixty-eight percent of U.S. healthcare marketers increased their ad spending on social media for healthcare professionals in 2019.”
Meet Ashleigh Allen-Hafen
My name is Ashleigh Allen-Hafen, and I have just started managing SocialClimb’s social media! I am currently living in Michigan while my husband attends medical school. I enjoy watching The Office, going to the gym, and cooking in my free time. My favorite part of my job is coming up with creative ways to share SocialClimb’s story through social media. If you have any questions for SocialClimb, please feel free to message me through SocialClimb’s social media anytime!
How does $100 sound?
I’d like to offer a $100 Amazon gift card to the first 5 of you who get 10 people to follow SocialClimb on Facebook and Instagram. Message me on either Facebook or Instagram when you have your 10, and if you’re one of the first 5, I’ll send you the gift card so you can get started on your holiday shopping!
Listen in as Dr. Mitch, the best ENT specialist on the planet, shares his secret for getting great reviews!
Events Attended this Month
2020 OrthoASC Virtual Seminar, November 4 – 18
Thank you to those who stopped by our virtual booth at the seminar. We hope you enjoyed the event.
2020 OrthoConnect Virtual Seminar, November 4 – 5
It was wonderful to “see” those who attended the OrthoConnect event this year. We hope to see you in person next year!


Academic Orthopaedic Business & Leadership Symposium, November 7
Ty Allen spoke to symposium attendees about personalized marketing and the disruptive trend that social media and big data have introduced to healthcare marketing.
Healthcare Internet Conference, November 16 – 18
We hope you were able to stop by our virtual booth at the HCIC virtual conference this year. 
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