The Virtuous Cycle Powered by Patient Reviews

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Reviews from patients enable a virtuous cycle that can lift an entire practice.


While most practices choose to implement SocialClime to achieve marketing objectives, nearly all find that their operations team gets great value from 3 key features:

  1. Provider Report Card – Each provider gets a report card that gives the management team and the provider deep understanding of their patientsentiment. This is valuable to the management team in changing and improving the practice via real actionable data. It can be difficult to ‘manage’ providers and this report really
  2. Instant Notifications- The operations team gets an automatic daily digest of any poor reviews and private feedback from patients just treated. This allows them to respond and deal with issues quickly. It also identifies what needs improvement among front desk, wait time, insurance, mid-level staff, providers, etc.
  3. Inline Response Tools – SocialClime provides the operations/marketing teams a simple interface to respond to all public reviews from one central location. This keeps the team from going to each Google My Business account, Facebook page, etc. to respond publicly to reviews. It can all be done from within the SocialClime app. (learn more)inlinereviews

SocialClime delivers great value at multiple levels within a medical practice. Marketing, Operations, providers and Senior Management use SocialClime to improve and grow the practice. Contact SocialClime today to get your practice moving up.

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