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SOCIALCLIMB A Comprehensive, HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Marketing Platform.

Healthcare marketing management made easy: ensure a simplified process, actionable insights, and measurable outcomes all in one place.

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healthcare marketing platform features and reports

A versatile healthcare marketing platform designed to align with the goals of all types of healthcare organizations

A doctor in a white coat running up an upward-pointing orange line resembling both a stethoscope and a growth chart.


Scaling marketing efforts beyond branding can be challenging for most hospitals. However, patients research specific doctors before they receive care — they don’t just blindly trust the brand. Go beyond hospital branding: connect with your online community, humanize your brand by promoting your physicians, and enhance visibility by marketing each service line distinctly.

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A vertical growth chart with three buildings of different sizes representing healthcare facilities.


Embrace scalable growth and hit your financial goals with a highly customized, data-driven healthcare marketing platform for PE-funded practices. Capture key growth metrics across your portfolio of healthcare businesses, target high-value patients, and centralize resources to achieve efficient and sustainable growth.

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An illustration of a big hospital and a smaller independent practice positioned on top of a pile of golden stars.


Boost your independent practice's reputation and gain a competitive edge through impactful digital marketing strategies. Acquire new patients through ‘near me’ local searches and customized brand ads. Increase the output of thinly stretched office personnel while increasing your visibility within the community with budget-friendly and trackable marketing campaigns.

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A colorful hot air balloon lifting a Federally Qualified Health Center building.


Eliminate the stigma around FQHC practices: a strong online reputation illustrating the great care you provide will help you connect with a wider audience. Attract more paying patients with targeted advertising strategies, and reap all the benefits of contemporary healthcare marketing in a simple and affordable way.

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An illustration of a pathway drawn in the form of the word HIPAA, leading to a specific location.


Prove your marketing efficacy and keep healthcare clients despite HIPAA-compliance challenges. Instead of hoping impressions will turn into patients, grow your clients’ businesses with refined patient targeting. Integrate critical marketing tools to maximize performance and Illustrate campaign efficacy to your clients with SocialClimb.

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A map of New Orleans segmented by zip codes, showing the density of patients at risk in different areas.

PREDICTIVE TARGETING TOOLS Attract High-Value Patients with Predictive Targeting

Rely on advanced data to attract the ideal patient mix in a HIPAA-compliant way.

Use SocialClimb’s pool of data to accurately predict the level of risk among potential leads and identify the patients you need with the help of carefully curated healthcare-related criteria. 

Target consumers based on their:

  • Ability to pay
  • Type of healthcare insurance
  • Prescription medication use
  • OTC drug use
  • Self-reported health concerns
  • Sports participation
  • And many others

ADVANCED HEALTHCARE ADVERTISING TOOLS Acquire More Patients with Targeted Advertising

Personalize your outreach and engage the right patients to drive higher ad profitability.

A hand holding a smartphone displaying a Google search results page.

Get High ROI on Paid Search Advertising

Appear on top of search results for competitive local search queries and attract high-value patients for your services through paid search advertising. Use affordable brand ads to increase your exposure on Google.

A mailbox with a postcard partially sticking out of it, featuring an image of a person, a message about accepting new patients, and a phone number for scheduling appointments.

Use Geo-Location for Successful Postcard Marketing

Timing is everything. Identify patients at risk for specific conditions and deliver your message directly and effectively with postcard marketing. Capture attention and offer your services at the right time.

A tic-tac-toe board with icons of Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and X.

Create Effective Social Media Ads

Use a comprehensive library of HIPAA-compliant templates to create high-performing photo and video ads in a matter of minutes. Measure the performance of your ads and optimize accordingly to maximize their effectiveness.


Understand how you spend your marketing budget and optimize for a higher return on investment.

Measure your marketing performance to make data-informed, strategic decisions that drive growth. Measure the ROI of your campaigns and gain a clear understanding of your Patient Acquisition Cost (PAC) to optimize your marketing budget allocation.

Streamline your patient satisfaction surveys and leverage feedback to identify areas of improvement and nurture positive patient relationships.  Access the information you need, when you need it: gain actionable insights that empower you to refine your healthcare marketing strategy, target the right audience, and increase patient acquisition.

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A computer monitor displaying a rising graph under a magnifying glass and tools including a wrench, a ruler, a screwdriver, and a hammer in front of the monitor.

HEALTHCARE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT TOOL Move from Review Management to Reputation Management

Managing an online reputation entails much more than gathering higher ad profitability.

An image of five stars and a question mark followed by a speech bubble indicating that a patient is typing a review.

Automate Review Requests

Automate patient review requests to increase patient feedback where it matters most – online. Improve your average ranking score across all vital review platforms to build trust and attract more patients.

A female with concerned expression on her face using a laptop, with numerous speech bubbles around her showing different star ratings.

Manage Negative Feedback

Stay on top of any negative feedback with simple, HIPAA-compliant response templates to deescalate possible conflicts, reassure your patients, and retain a trustworthy and credible reputation – all within one healthcare marketing platform.

An image of a smartphone screen showing a Google search for 'Physician near me.'

Centralize GBP Management

Google Business Profiles are a staple of local search success. Manage all your location and physician GBPs in one place – update crucial information across multiple profiles in seconds. Apply best practices to improve your organic Google ratings and get more visibility.

A billboard or sign with the text 'PM & EHR' against an orange background.


Is your website working to acquire new patients? With SocialClimb you can tell.

SocialClimb integrates with your Practice Management (PM)/Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and allows visibility into all of your marketing efforts. Our integrations allow real-time visibility into patient visits and detail the successful efforts used to acquire them.

Our Healthcare Marketing Platform even allows visibility into non-digital marketing campaigns like billboards or team sponsorships. Once you connect everything, our marketing tracking features illuminate which campaigns help drive patient acquisition. Spend less, convert more.

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HIPAA COMPLIANCE Refine Your Marketing with HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Data

The healthcare marketing landscape is often hindered by HIPAA concerns. 

SocialClimb employs all necessary safeguards as required by HHA and HIPAA rules and regulations. Use our integrations to eliminate the need for using pixels and/or exchanging patient data with other third-party applications (like Google and Meta) to accomplish campaign tracking or patient targeting.

Track and measure your patients' journeys and gain valuable insights into their behaviors and preferences while adhering to HIPAA regulations.

Analyze data and patient feedback to make informed marketing decisions, optimize for higher conversion rates, and improve your healthcare marketing ROI.

A Healthcare Marketing Platform to Grow with You

SocialClimb’s Healthcare Marketing Platform is designed to scale as your business grows and requires a more sophisticated solution.  

Whether you are a small independent practice or a large hospital, our platform is equipped with an array of marketing tools to streamline patient acquisition.

A mountain range with geometric patterns with an upward-trending orange line.

Track Your Marketing KPIs

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    Review, report, and track the success of your campaigns for data-based optimization

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    Understand your Patient Acquisition Costs (PAC), Marketing Multiplier, and ROI

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    Benchmark healthcare marketing campaigns and refine efforts

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    Integrate CAHPS, PROs, NPS and other surveys into marketing efforts directly from the platform.

Streamline Reputation Management

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    Improve your online reputation

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    Manage location and physician reviews in bulk 

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    Improve local SEO

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    Centralize the management of all your Google Business Profiles

Boost Your Advertising Performance

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    Reach high-value patients with predictive targeting

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    Centralize SEM and Social advertising

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    Use geolocation features for efficient postcard and social media marketing

Increase Efficiency with Automation and Integrations

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    Automate your healthcare marketing workflows to streamline efficiency

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    Integrate your PM/EHR and other critical tools with our platform safely

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    Refine all of your healthcare marketing efforts while maintaining HIPAA compliance

CASE STUDIES How SocialClimb Transforms Healthcare Practices Through Proven Marketing Strategies

See how SocialClimb helps healthcare organizations grow.

Southwestern Eye Center Improved Their Ranking and Patient Traffic

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How Longview Orthopaedic Clinic Achieved 20% YOY Growth

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PE Owned: U.S. Orthopaedic Partners Thrives with SocialClimb’s All-in-One Healthcare Marketing Platform.

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TESTIMONIALS Don’t just take our word for it.

“As a marketer, you rarely find vendors or solutions that really deliver more than what they promise, but SocialClimb has done just that.”

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Blair Primis

“This is the best marketing dollar I’ve spent. Hands down.”

Bluegrass Ortopaedics Logo

Andrew Carlson
Bluegrass Orthopaedics

“Increased positive reviews and occasional private critiques of our service have enabled us to improve our search ranking and our practice.”

Southwestern Eye Center Logo

Melissa Pipkin
Southwestern Eye Center

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Stop wasting precious advertising dollars on a low-performing audience—SocialClimb’s predictive targeting tool filters at-risk patients based on thousands of HIPAA-compliant data points. 

Get your free report of patients in need of care in your area and test it for better advertising outcomes!

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