Attract High-Value Patients

Social Media Advertising for Doctors

Set up advertising for doctors on Facebook and Instagram to reach more potential patients.

Our platform makes it easy to set up display and video advertising. Targeting audiences with the same profile as your best patients will get you high-value patients to boost your revenue.

Predictive Analytics

Our HIPAA-compliant machine learning tools look at your ideal patients to create patient profiles for the specific conditions you want to treat. Then we use that information to identify people at risk for those same conditions based on actions they have taken online.

Our predictive analytics tools make it easy to set up social media advertising for doctors based on these algorithms so you can reach your new patients where they're spending their time.

social media advertising for medical practices

Lookalike audiences

Make use of social media algorithms to get your ads in front of potential patients based on their behavioral traits.

Display ads

Easily create display ads designed to reach your new patients where they spend their time.

Video ads

Reach patient lookalike audiences by creating ads from our library of customizable videos.


Set up your ads using our handy Playbooks that populate the ad with the right keywords and copy to be most effective.


Collect all the data you need so you know your return on investment (ROI) and patient acquisition cost.

Geographic location

Set up your social media ads to run in specific geographic locations so you hit patients nearby with your ads.

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