Attract High-Value Patients

Paid Advertising for Healthcare

Target and attract your ideal patients with PPC ads for healthcare.

Healthcare-specific marketing software makes it easy to set up advertising to target high-value patients that will increase your profit margins and build your practice.

Targeted Ads

Our marketing platform gives you access to predictive analytics so you can send ads to high-risk patients in zip code areas or set up your ads based on a geographic radius. Either way, you're in control of who sees your ads.

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Predictive analytics

Identify people at high risk for the specific conditions you want to treat and with the insurance that works for your practice.

Geotarget radius

Target people in a radius around a specific location to capture patients who search for medical care “near me.”

Geotarget zip codes

Select specific zip code areas with high concentrations of at-risk consumers so they see your ads at critical, decision-making moments.


Set up your ads using our handy Playbooks that populate the ad with the best keywords and copy to be most effective.


Collect all the data you need so you know your return on investment (ROI) and patient acquisition cost.

See how our platform can grow your practice.