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Strengthen Your
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Rely on a HIPAA-compliant healthcare marketing platform that fits
your budget to improve your Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)
practice’s marketing mix and balance your patient and payer mix.

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Eliminate The Stigma
Associated with FQHC

There are still people who fall for prejudices and shy away from getting medical care at FQHC practices. The way to change their minds is to reach them and provide deeper insights.

Many FQHC practices struggle to grow due to the stigma that surrounds them. To eliminate the stigma, you need to speak up and educate the community — and for that to be effective, you need a strong marketing platform.

SocialClimb helps you create a strong online presence and make the space you need to voice your messages and create a great brand by representing your practice in its greatest light.

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Strengthen Your FQHC Practice With Glowing

It has been said that a brand is "the intangible sum of a product's attributes: its name, packaging, and price, its history, its reputation, and the way it's advertised.” Let your reputation and brand speak for you and showcase your healthcare excellence.

Translate the satisfaction of your existing patients into a strong online reputation so you can reach and attract more patients.

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the intangible sum of a product's attributes: its name, packaging, and price, its history, its reputation, and the way it's advertised

David Ogilvy

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Seamless Integration

Integrate your EHR system with SocialClimb’s platform to establish a seamless follow-up workflow and ensure you reach out to every patient to get their feedback.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Send review requests to your patients within 24 hours of their appointment via text message and direct them to Google, HealthGrades, Yelp, or any other review platform of your choice.

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Workflow Automation

Customize and automate review requests to save time, improve your healthcare marketing efficiency, and significantly increase the number of reviews you receive.

Help Your Practitioners Build Their Reputation

Your physicians invest their time and expertise in a great cause — you can invest in
helping them build their individual reputations. And the best part? It doesn’t have to
be expensive or time-consuming.

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Boost Your Physicians’
Online Profiles

Increase the visibility and strengthen the credibility of your physicians’ Google Business Profiles. This will boost your FQHC practice’s local SEO rankings and attract more patients, while also establishing a trusted reputation for each of your physicians.

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Alternate between your physicians’ and your location profiles in the review request process to cover all bases and boost the overall reputation of your FQHC practice.

Manage Your FQHC’s Reputation

As important as it is to get feedback, it’s even more crucial to interact with it, nip any
bad rep in the bud, and maintain connections with your patients.

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Constructive Feedback

Don’t ignore negative feedback — it’s how you handle it that counts. Address your patients’ concerns and reassure them that you’ll work on improving their experience.

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Connection With Patients

Connect with satisfied patients to thank them for their kind words and gain their loyalty as well as to appeal to those who are considering you as their healthcare provider.

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Centralized Communication

Manage all reviews from different platforms and listings in one place to ensure no review goes unnoticed.

Establish Your FQHC Practice in The Community

A strong online reputation brings the key benefits to your FQHC practice:


Entice more physicians to join your practice


Attract more paying and insured patients 


Improve the capacity and quality of medical care for underserved people

Put Your FQHC Practice on
The Map

And we mean that literally. Let prospective patients easily find you in their online search for healthcare.

Improve your local SEO performance by optimizing your presence on Google Business Profile listings, popular maps, and paid search results.

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Improve Your Online Visibility

Use SocialClimb’s platform to dominate local search listings.

Create Google Business Profile listings for your FQHC practice location and for each physician. Use the bulk upload feature to activate multiple listings at once.  Optimize featured information and create SEO-friendly posts for each GBP listing from one platform to boost your efficiency. Increase your local SEO rankings and dominate Google three-pack local results with multiple listings. 

Show up on “near me” searches and be featured on Google Maps’ and Apple Maps’ top recommendations.

Boost Your Chances with Brand Ads

Brand ads are a cheap and effective way to protect yourself from competitors’ marketing tactics. 

Set up well-optimized brand ads following a short and simple workflow. Choose from our database of high-converting copy templates to create ads that will help you take up multiple positions at the top of Google search results. 

Use a healthcare-tailored platform to easily understand the impact of your advertising efforts and gain more results from a limited budget.

Balance Your Paying & Non-
Paying Patients

Reach a productive balance of your patient mix to boost your budget and increase your efficiency.

FQHC practices often fail to attract paying patients because they don’t have enough marketing budget to properly target those patients and create a lasting impression online.

Employ advanced advertising strategies to balance your patient load and get enough paying patients to keep growing your FQHC practice and expand your influence on your local community.

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Attract More Paying Patients

Many healthcare providers are scared of using data in their marketing strategies —
but SocialClimb’s HIPAA-compliant solution eliminates those complications.

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Predictive Targeting

Rely on our comprehensive data sets to identify high-value patients that will help bring more budget into your FQHC practice. SocialClimb’s contemporary data models can help you build high-converting audiences while keeping patients’ data secure and maintaining HIPAA compliance.

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Audience Segmentation

Use SocialClimb’s Care Models feature to segment your audience by service line, so you can target them with more specific ads. Use the geolocation targeting feature to generate a high-converting audience for “near me” search ads.

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Ad Builder

Create ads in a few steps straight from our platform and avoid complicated navigation through different online advertising tools. SocialClimb is custom-made for healthcare marketing — choose from a variety of proven value copy templates, create video ads with ease, and optimize their performance.

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Strategic Ad Placement

Use carefully selected audience lists to strategically target each audience segment using the most compelling copy and location — advertise on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and even offline.

Increase Your Profit Margin

Improve the cash flow of your FQHC practice by optimizing your PAC and boosting
your healthcare marketing ROI.

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Ad Cost Optimization

See what works and what doesn’t — use insights to optimize your ad copy, placement, or even audience and optimize your advertising spend. Target patients with the right insurance and a stable financial situation to bring in more revenue and get better advertising results.

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Affordable Patient Acquisition

It can be expensive to get paying patients through the door. Sometimes the advertising cost equals your patient value and doesn’t let you move from the status quo. SocialClimb helps you use data to lower PAC and profit from paying customers.

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Serve More People In Need

Invest in healthcare marketing opportunities that will help you expand your FQHC practice’s service lines, attract more up-and-coming practitioners, and ultimately create more space for patients in need.

Drive More Revenue to
Support Your Efforts

Marketing with a small budget can yield extremely effective results — just as long as you know which activities are worth investing in for your FQHC. 

Track your healthcare marketing activities in an easy and simple way: you don’t have to master different and complicated marketing analytics to understand the results of your campaigns. SocialClimb gives you a reporting system that doesn’t burden you with excessive information — only what you need to know in order to make informed marketing budget decisions.

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Establish Your FQHC Practice in The Community


Track the performance of your Google listings


Oversee your local SEO ranking


Monitor your online reputation scores


Track your advertising spend 


See which channels your paying patients are coming from

Understand Your Marketing Investment to Benefits Ratio


Pull out customized healthcare marketing reports anytime


Lower your Patient Acquisition Cost


Increase your marketing Return on Investment (ROI)

Reduce Costs - Increase Benefits


Optimize your marketing strategy based on meaningful insights


Use data to increase your profit


Make the most out of healthcare marketing without the fear of HIPAA non-compliance

Leverage Premium Technology
At A Rate That Fits Your

It is an unwritten rule of the healthcare industry that practices that provide care to underserved communities struggle to make a dollar and keep a high reputation. Even with the wide accessibility to contemporary marketing tools — it still takes time, marketing expertise, and a hefty marketing budget to achieve significant results.

SocialClimb helps you overcome those obstacles and become more competitive on the market by relying on contemporary, healthcare-marketing tools that don’t drain your precious time and money.

We recognize and admire the impact you make in our communities — and we want to make our humble contribution.

Gain more visibility, attract the ideal patient mix, and support your FQHC practice with HIPAA-compliant marketing activities at a price that fits your financial situation.

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