Postcards with Predictive Patient Targeting

Get the most from your postcard campaigns and attract more patients.

Revive Postcards with Predictive Patient Targeting

Postcard marketing can be expensive and ineffective if you’re sending a generalized message to everyone who lives in the zip codes near your locations.. On top of that, limited tracking and vague results prevent you from knowing which campaigns are effective,  adding to more wasted marketing spend.

SocialClimb’s HIPAA-compliant Predictive Patient Targeting uses 2,000+ data points on over 250,000,000 adults in the U.S. to compare and identify common attributes among patients. 

As a result, predictive templates created in the SocialClimb platform allow you to identify and target nearby prospective patients with postcards or social media ads. These targeted lists help you be specific and clear, increase patient conversion, and include built-in campaign tracking.

Desert Orthopaedic Center launched a postcard campaign using SocialClimb’s Predictive Patient Targeting tool. The campaign yielded a 3,191% return on investment, among other impressive metrics. Read their story here.

Reduce postcard budgets, improve campaign conversion, and track it all with predictive patient targeting by SocialClimb.

View all current Predictive Patient Data Models in the SocialClimb Healthcare Marketing Platform.

Identify Potential Patients

Identify patients by treatment need, risk level, and location

Design and Send

Create postcard designs and ship right from the platform

Track Campaign Performance

Track the success of your targeted postcard delivery along with other campaigns right in the platform

Use Predictive Patient Targeting to Send Postcards

Old Way

Buy a list of people that reside in a nearby zip code, and send postcards to ALL of them.

Design, print, and label postcards through 3rd party vendors.

Send postcards to every house in the selected area, regardless of demographics.

Send prospective patients postcards every once in a while, due to time and budget constraints.

Infrequent patient messaging results in lackluster response to your expensive marketing campaigns.

Campaign tracking either doesn’t exist or doesn’t integrate with your EHR system, making it difficult to see the impact.

Limited patient acquisition tracking mean you get to keep guessing as to which campaigns work and which ones don’t.

Generalized targeting, non-existent tracking, and poor reporting create a spray-and-pray approach. Marketing budget becomes hopeful and patient acquisition is often loosely attributed to postcard campaigns.

New Way

Identify patients in your area with a high probability of needing your care.

Determine what kind of procedures you want to increase and which doctors’ schedules you want to fill.

Get specific about particular care, need probability, and location.

Select zip codes you would like to target, and send postcards to individuals within those zip codes likely to need your care.

Design, print, and label postcards directly in the SocialClimb platform.

Instead of wasting your budget on sending just one postcard to every household in your area, send multiple postcards to only the households likely to need your care.

Send postcards to a tailored audience of patients with elevated healthcare needs.

Track audience interest, acquired patients, and your ROI with the included unique tracking capabilities.

Ensure postcard campaign success.

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