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Use the only healthcare-marketing platform with a highly customized set
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capture key growth metrics while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

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Fast Growth Requires Big Exposure.

Improve online visibility of each practice’s location and get to new patients. Healthcare marketing doesn’t tend to go viral (pun not intended), so how can you increase the visibility of your roll-up practices quickly and effectively?

There’s a high chance that marketing wasn’t a strong suit of practices you’ve invested in. Now you’re looking to leverage your investment fast, but you don’t have a strong marketing foundation to build upon. 

Rely on SocialClimb’s marketing platform to improve the online visibility of each practice and increase your patient acquisition rate while lowing patient acquisition costs.

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Patients nowadays predominantly begin their search for medical care on Google. Meet them there.

When people search for healthcare, they are much more invested in their doctor’s The best way to increase your local search visibility is to rank in Google’s three-pack that features well-optimized Google Business Profiles. 

Use SocialClimb’s platform to streamline your GBP management: 


Create Google Business Profiles for each practitioner and each location in one place to secure your place at the top of Google’s search result pages. 


Bulk-upload hundreds of listings at once to improve efficiency. 
Centralize management of all GBPs: track their performance and optimize them accordingly. 


Create SEO-friendly posts to boost the visibility and relevance of your listings.


Ensure your practice is featured in three-pack multiple times by promoting both practitioners and locations.


of people use online reviews as a
step in finding a new doctor.1

1Study by JT Kullgren et al. pub. Annuls of Internal
Medicine, April 2021.

Strengthen Your Brand Presence on Google

Some patients will intentionally search for your practice — don’t let competitors swoop in and distract your patient base.

Establish your dominance on local Google searches by boosting your organic efforts with low-cost brand ads. 

Manage your brand ads through SocialClimb to:


Streamline the ad setup process


Improve the quality of your ads


Increase your visibility


Track your campaign ROI


Increase your ad conversion rate


Lower the cost of your brand ads

Rely on our comprehensive ads library to choose the best-performing combination of ad copy, targeting, and placement. Gather all insights in one place and use data to positively influence your key business metrics. Use targeted search ads to attract the ideal patient mix and lower your patient acquisition cost.

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Increase Your Growth Rate by Boosting Your Online Reputation

To grow your practice, you need to attract more patients. Once you’ve got exposure, you need to use that space to convince them that you’re the best choice for them.

Healthcare providers aren’t aware of just how much an online reputation can boost or bury their business goals — and that’s because they don’t measure its impact.

Optimize your practice’s online reputation and then let it do the heavy lifting for you: Google reviews are the new word-of-mouth, after all.

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Automate Review Process

Decrease your manual workload — increase your incoming reviews.


Automate the review request process to get more patient reviews while decreasing the time spent accumulating them. 


Integrate SocialClimb with your PM/EHR to enable seamless automation.


Customize and send messages to patients within 24 hours after their appointment to kindly ask them to share their experience with others on Google.


Split the attention between locations and practitioners to build each GBP’s reputation.

Scale Your Reputation Management

More feedback = more work? Not necessarily.


Manage all reviews from one platform to improve your team’s efficiency.


Don’t let negative feedback remain unseen — notice and handle any potential reputation crisis on time.


Reply to the feedback you’re getting to connect with your local community.
Increase the trustworthiness of your practice online to influence your demand generation.


Track your reputation scores to ensure your online image reflects the quality of care you provide. 

Employ Data-Driven Strategies

Healthcare advertising can often be too expensive and not effective enough. So how do you improve your advertising ROI?

The lack of data in healthcare advertising is driven by the fear of HIPAA regulations. This produces non-targeted, generalized ads that don’t yield the profit between the patient acquisition cost and the patient value.

Improve your advertising performance by using SocialClimb’s HIPAA-compliant, data-oriented predictive targeting tools that help you lower your patient acquisition cost and increase your profit margin.

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Target The Most Profitable Patients in Each Location

Patient targeting might sometimes feel like playing darts with a blindfold on. But informing your decisions with data yields high-value patients for your practice.

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Comprehensive Data Sets

Maximize your advertising ROI without raising your stakes. Our comprehensive datasets filter the information to predict future outcomes and help you target your ideal patient mix.

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Detailed Care Models

Find the right patients for each service line you offer with the help of SocialClimb’s advanced Care Models filtering. Use Care Models for niche patient targeting and optimize your PAC.

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High-value Audience Lists

Generate detailed audience lists that you can use across different advertising channels, both online and offline, and improve your advertising performance in a HIPAA-compliant way.

Reach Hundreds of Unique Geographic Areas with Precision

Targeting locations with a high concentration of at-risk patients will bring a higher advertising ROI.

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Geolocation Targeting

Focus on zip code areas populated with people in need of treatment for a certain condition so they can consider you in their decision-making process.

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“Near Me” Searches

Capture the patients who search for medical care “near me” by optimizing ads that target a specific set of keywords in your location radius.

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Effective Offline Advertising

Use the data from Predictive Advertising tools to reach valuable patients with offline advertising. Track the performance of postcard marketing to increase its value.

Advertise at A Scale for Fast ROI

Get better results while investing fewer resources in advertising management.

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Centralized Ad Management

Create and manage all ads within SocialClimb’s platform. Use our library to quickly and easily create all types of ads. Track and optimize your ad performance for better PAC.

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Advertising On Different Platforms

Use audience lists to successfully advertise on Google as well as on the most popular social media. Capture patients on Facebook and Instagram with video and display ads.

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Patient Acquisition Cost Optimization

Target patients based on their financial situation and insurance choice and make sure you get high reimbursements. Eliminate advertising spend on non-eligible patients.

Capture Key Marketing Metrics

Private equity investors’ language is data. Keep your goals on track and hit the growth benchmarks with the only healthcare-specific set of tracking and reporting tools on the market.

Tracking the success of marketing campaigns in healthcare can be hard due to HIPAA. To meet your goals of accelerated growth, your PE-funded practices must capture key metrics that direct your marketing spend.

Take advantage of SocialClimb’s contemporary data analytics software to get your return on investment and meet your profit goals.

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Track the Performance of Each Marketing Activity

See the influence of each campaign on your overall marketing performance. Track your patients’ journey from the first contact with your brand and make sure they make it through your marketing and sales funnel. 

Use call trackers to find out which channels yield the highest amount of new patients and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

Know Your Exact Marketing ROI & Optimize PAC

Learning how your patients find you will inform your marketing ROI data in a reliable way. Understand which marketing channels are the most lucrative for your PE-funded practices and direct your marketing spend towards them.

Use the data to see how you can further optimize your low-performing marketing campaigns to improve your Patient Acquisition Cost.

Conduct Patient Surveys Through Automation

Get detailed insights into your patients’ experience and gain valuable feedback to enhance your internal processes, improve the patient experience, and increase your patient retention rate.

Customize and automate the process of conducting patient satisfaction surveys, PROs, and NPS surveys. Get consolidated reports of your surveys and compare survey results using our Benchmarking feature.

Streamline Marketing Reporting

Get detailed marketing reports when you need them: automate report delivery on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. SocialClimb analyzes and summarizes the data for you, reducing the resources you need to invest in marketing data analytics and reporting.

Customize reports at your convenience and get a detailed understanding of your doctors’ reputation, your ad performance, SEO impact, patient experience, and other important metrics.

Make Data-Informed Marketing Decisions

Segment your data to get a clear understanding of key marketing metrics and know your marketing ROI, PAC, patient lifetime value, and growth rate at all times. Use marketing data to set up specific goals, create effective growth strategies, and make confident business decisions.

Make the most of your marketing data under SocialClimb’s HIPAA-compliant marketing umbrella.

Disrupt The Healthcare Market

To grow PE-funded practices at your designated rate, you need the support of scalable healthcare marketing software.

Use SocialClimb’s healthcare marketing technology to finally tap into data-driven marketing and benefit from strategies that support your business goals. 

Streamline your internal marketing processes, reduce resources dedicated to task execution, and use data to target the most profitable patients in each location. 

Reassure your partners that the systems you bring in provide an advantage for all parties involved.

Choose software that scales to the needs of a hyper-growth roll-up practice and see results immediately.

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