SocialClimb Leadership

The collective SaaS and Healthcare Marketing talent of our employees makes all the  difference when building the greatest Healthcare Marketing Platform out there.

Ty Allen


SocialClimb is Ty’s fourth successful business in the marketing and technology space. His experience as a patient with a spinal cord injury and long recovery in 2014 led him to found SocialClimb to help patients and doctors better connect in the quickly evolving healthcare marketing place.

Ty’s success in building several marketing technology companies has enabled him to quickly build SocialClimb into the industry standard in the patient acquisition space. Delivering more than 1 million patient/customer interactions every month, SocialClimb helps healthcare organizations transform themselves inside and out.

Ty is outnumbered and frequently outvoted by his wife, five daughters and one granddaughter, most of whom live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is grateful to also have two sons-in-law. Ty enjoys biking, tennis and golfing.

co founder eric johnson with a big smile and a short beard with a white background.

Eric Johnson


Eric is passionate about helping early stage technology companies grow and scale. His executive-level positions at several successful startups gives him a broad range of experience in all aspects of accounting, auditing, financial management and operations for his role as chief operations officer at SocialClimb. He has direct experience with mergers and acquisitions, financial consulting, venture capitalism, and rapid growth.

Eric is actively involved in the lives of his five children and can frequently be found cheering rather loudly from the sidelines at their soccer games, tennis matches, football games, and other sporting events. When he’s not golfing, he can be found at the office spouting little-known sports stats and egging on the sales team.

Jared Maxwell


In his role as chief technology officer, Jared is responsible for the formulation, development, and implementation of SocialClimb’s automated marketing platform. He is passionate about leveraging the latest technology to provide user-friendly software that blows minds.

Jared first became interested in science and technology when he built his first app for a science fair project using javascript when he was ten. He has since also become an expert in developing Cloud, android, and iOS applications. At SocialClimb, he leads a multi-disciplinary team spanning dev, QA, dev ops, and product management.

Jared and his wife have two daughters, and when he’s not focused on a computer screen or answering everyone’s questions, he can be found hiking or rock climbing in the beautiful canyons of Utah.

handsome middle aged man, james phillips, smiling with a well groomed beard and pointy gel'd hair with a blazer over a button up shirt in black and white

James Phillips

VP of Customer Success

James is a customer experience professional with over 25 years in the high-tech SaaS software arena with a passion for building world-class delivery teams. He has led teams of professionals at each step of the customer journey, working directly for Fortune 50 companies and more than a few startups.

James and his wife lead a ragtag family of five kids and two dogs while spending much of their time in the foothills and trails of Utah exploring the unknown in their Jeep. Ever the builder, James also loves the challenge of a new Lego set, a ranked game of chess, or a passionate discussion about which of his beloved Red Sox players will be the NEXT Mookie Betts in Fenway’s outfield.

Ryan Evans

VP of Sales

Ben Woolley

Sr. Director of Product

Ben has an extensive background in search and social marketing, and his focus at SocialClimb is to help customers get in front of more potential patients. He has worked on the agency side of marketing, including starting an agency that was successfully acquired. Ben has also worked in-house and brings 15 years of marketing experience to the team.

He loves working with healthcare professionals to help them improve their online visibility and attract new patients that will grow their business.

Ben and his wife have one daughter and two sons, and they are on a family quest to visit all of the national parks in the U.S. He likes music, especially live music, but has decided he might be too old to go to shows all the time. He keeps tarantulas, which is NOT a crazy person hobby, and he drinks entirely too much Mtn Dew. You only live once, after all—or so he believes until proven otherwise.

Ken Wilson

VP of Finance

Ken is a finance executive with extensive experience in technology companies ranging from joint-ventures to rapidly growing VC funded startups to Fortune 500 organizations. Ken has a passion for both hardware and software as tools to equalize opportunity, facilitate innovation, and accelerate growth. Ken is excited about SocialClimb's platform which increases a customer's online visibility, attracts high-value patients with predictive analytics, and improves focus on patient satisfaction.

Ken calls Utah, Texas, and Japan home, where he enjoys spending time with his family and friends in the great outdoors. You may see him on the local trails chasing a black dog on his mountain bike. Hopefully one day he'll catch up.

Jonathan Reese

VP of Marketing

Jon Reese is an experienced healthcare marketing executive with over 20 years in technology and healthcare marketing. Previously he served as a VP of Marketing at UnitedHealthcare as well as a privately held electronic health records (EHR) company. He has also spent over 5 years as the head of digital marketing at ADP, promoting SaaS healthcare compliance technology as well as other financial products. Jon holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Utah State University as well as a master’s degree from Westminster College’s Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business. Jon currently serves as the VP of Marketing at SocialClimb.