SocialClimb Leadership

The collective SaaS and Healthcare Marketing talent of our employees makes all the  difference when building the greatest Healthcare Marketing Platform out there.

Ty Allen


Ty has dedicated over two decades to building marketing technology companies. His experience as a patient with a spinal cord injury in 2014, and the long recovery that followed, led him to founding SocialClimb—a business seeking to improve healthcare marketing. Notably, SocialClimb is Ty’s first company to specialize in the healthcare vertical.

Bridging the gap between people and systems for innovative problem-solving is Ty’s key to successful technology businesses. The SocialClimb team maintains open communication and integration in the healthcare space, driving the company’s success.

Ty is outnumbered and frequently outvoted by his wife, five daughters, and one granddaughter, most of whom live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is grateful to have three sons-in-law. Ty enjoys biking, tennis, and golfing.

co founder eric johnson with a big smile and a short beard with a white background.

Eric Johnson


Eric Johnson, a seasoned business leader and CPA graduate from Brigham Young University, has a distinguished career with pivotal roles at Deloitte and Touche. As Omniture's VP of Finance, he propelled the company from $1 million ARR to a $100 million success, culminating in a triumphant IPO. Serving as COO at WingateWeb, Eric achieved remarkable growth, boosting net income by over 1000% and expanding operations into Europe, leading to a successful acquisition. He is currently Co-Founder and COO of SocialClimb. Eric's dynamic 25-year career includes raising over $150 million in debt and equity. Beyond business, he cherishes family time, travel, supporting his children's sports activities, and indulging in golf.

Jared Maxwell


In his role as chief technology officer, Jared is responsible for the formulation, development, and implementation of SocialClimb’s automated marketing platform. He is passionate about leveraging the latest technology to provide user-friendly software. At SocialClimb, he leads a multi-disciplinary team spanning Engineering, QA, DevOps, and Product Management.

Jared first became interested in science and technology when he built his first app for a science fair project using javascript when he was ten. He has since become an expert in developing Cloud, android, and iOS applications.

Jared and his wife have two daughters, and when he’s not focused on a computer screen, he can be found hiking in the beautiful canyons of Utah.

handsome middle aged man, james phillips, smiling with a well groomed beard and pointy gel'd hair with a blazer over a button up shirt in black and white

James Phillips

VP of Customer Success

James is a customer experience (CX) leader with over 25 years of experience in the high-tech SaaS industry. He is passionate about building world-class experience delivery teams.

He has led teams of professionals at each step of the customer journey, from sales to product management to support and consultation. He has worked directly for Fortune 50 companies and more than a few startups.

James was born and raised in Utah but has lived in many places in his career, including Argentina and the various states in the Western US. In his spare time, James enjoys spending time with his wife and five children. He is also an avid outdoorsman and enjoys dog training, Jeep overlanding, and spending time pretending that he knows how to golf.

Ryan Evans

VP of Sales

Ryan has a decade of sales experience covering every role from business development, closing, to his current role of Vice President at SocialClimb. As the Vice President of Sales, Ryan leads the Business Development, Expansion, and Net-New Account Executive teams.

His consistent success in his personal objectives, and now guiding the SocialClimb sales team to reach theirs, serves as a clear testament to his performance and the value that SocialClimb delivers to every practice they work with.

In his free time he enjoys riding dirtbikes and watching the Utes, Jazz, Broncos, and Yankees, but his favorite thing to do is spend time with his wife chasing their son, daughter, and two puppies.

Ben Woolley

Sr. Director of Product

Ben’s background is in search and social marketing. He has worked both in-house and on the agency side of marketing, including starting an agency/tool that was successfully acquired. At SocialClimb, Ben manages the product team, which is responsible for understanding the unique needs of marketing in healthcare, and designing the best automated marketing and tracking solution for those needs.

Ben and his wife have one daughter and two sons, and they are on a quest to visit all of the national parks in the United States. Ben loves music, especially live music. He keeps tarantulas, which is NOT a crazy person hobby, and he drinks entirely too much Mountain Dew.

Ken Wilson

VP of Finance

Ken is a finance executive with extensive experience in both hardware and software technology companies, ranging from joint-ventures to rapidly growing VC funded startups to Fortune 500 organizations. He believes in the power of technology to equalize opportunity, increase innovation, and accelerate growth. He sees SocialClimb's platform transforming healthcare marketing by connecting patients with healthcare providers whose reputation, ranking, and patient reported outcomes are best in class and enable providers to proactively acquire patients.

Ken is a graduate of BYU with a BS in Accounting and Masters in Accounting and Information Systems. He enjoys spending time with family and friends four wheeling, camping, backpacking, and mountain biking.

Jonathan Reese

VP of Marketing

Jonathan Reese brings over two decades of experience from the intersection of healthcare and technology marketing. His journey has seen roles as the VP of Marketing at both UnitedHealthcare and an electronic health records (EHR) firm. Additionally, Jon dedicated more than five years to digital marketing at ADP, focusing on SaaS solutions for healthcare compliance and branching into financial products. He holds a bachelor's in Marketing from Utah State University and a master's from Westminster College's Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business. Jonathan finds great joy in exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Utah's mountains, where he passionately pursues skiing during the winter months. He is also an avid cyclist relishing the diverse terrains and scenic routes that the region offers.