About SocialClimb

SocialClimb’s Healthcare Marketing Platform connects physicians and their best-fit patients online.

Designed to meet the unique needs of health providers, SocialClimb applies best practices for online visibility, then uses predictive data analytics for targeted patient acquisition—all in a HIPAA-compliant, automated system. We make it easy and cost-effective for healthcare providers to grow their business and improve their patient mix. Our unmatched reporting and tracking features accurately show marketing spend and ROI. Our clients quickly improve their brand online and achieve dramatic business growth.

How We Started

SocialClimb began when Ty Allen, our founder and CEO, was in a serious accident that threatened his quality of life.

At a moment of crisis, while in a hospital emergency room, he had to choose a provider quickly but without good information. He and his wife faced several similar moments throughout his care, and each time, he could not find adequate information online to make an informed decision.

Ty had already launched several successful software start-ups, and during his recovery, he saw an opportunity to help patients find the care they need while helping doctors find the patients who need them.

Using his skills to better people’s lives in tangible ways helped Ty regain his own footing and purpose. That underlying motivation continues to inform SocialClimb’s product, leadership, and team.

Where We Are Headed

We are excited about the future of healthcare marketing. We connect medical consumers and healthcare providers with the power of predictive data and artificial intelligence, all as the healthcare business landscape is rapidly changing.

We now have thousands of happy customers across the United States and estimate that we have only tapped into 1% of the market.

We are also expanding beyond individual practices to hospital groups. Our leadership team includes influencers with decades of combined experience in both established industry and also successful start-up companies.

In January, Resolve Capital infused our business with a $12M investment that will help us reach expanded markets. Resolves’ investment also includes their unique, non-monetary partnership approach with the select businesses they fund.

Make a Difference

SocialClimb software fills the genuine needs of real people seeking healthy lives and real businesses seeking sustainable growth.

We know quality matters. Every day, we strive to make a difference for our clients, the people they serve, and our employees.

“We started off with a brand new physician. He was able to push aside the general orthopedics and get to a very high percentage—70% of his practice—inside of a year, with joint replacement, which is a very quick turnaround unlike we’ve ever seen before. Most of our physicians take two to three to five years to get to three quarters of their practice in their specialty. So that was very exciting to see.” Michael Pendleton, Desert Orthopaedics Center

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