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Introduce a comprehensive healthcare digital marketing platform to
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your local competition while maintaining brand and HIPAA compliance.

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Move Past Branding

Your hospital group has an established brand — but modern patients seek more than that.

Focus on providing a personalized experience for prospective patients and humanize your brand by promoting your physicians and scaling marketing capabilities across service lines.

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Scale Across Service Lines

Categorize your healthcare marketing according to your service departments to increase your hospital group’s visibility for the specific types of healthcare search queries.

Create Google Business Profile listings for each service department and location as well — this will increase your rankings for local and care-type searches. 

Attract high-value patients for each service line by relying on our predictive targeting tools and advanced data models. Use the data to target at-risk patients at the right time to increase the number of patients for your service line. 

Track the results of separate service line marketing campaigns to understand how each of them performs and optimize your strategy accordingly to scale your bottom line.

Promote Individual Physicians

In their search for care, patients focus on doctors rather than hospitals. To connect with them, promote each physician as your hospital’s asset. 

When people search for healthcare, they are much more invested in their doctor’s credentials and expertise rather than in hospital brands. They want to know more about the history and patient satisfaction of doctors to make an informed choice — and it’s up to you to provide that information. 

Create Google Business Profile listings for each physician so users can easily reach them. Bulk upload all your listings at once using our platform and streamline the process by managing them from one place. 

Optimize your patients’ journey by allowing them to easily access the information. Make appointment booking quick and simple to reduce friction. Build strong and reputable profiles for your physicians backed by automated reviews and effective reputation management strategies.

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Attract Patients in Your Local Market

National marketing is great for brand awareness, but to increase patient acquisition, you need to strengthen your local marketing strategy. 

Turn towards best practices for local SEO optimization and reputation management to increase your patient rate at each of your hospital group locations.

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Boost Your Hospital Group’s Local SEO Rankings

Most users don’t even bother scrolling past the first four results on Google — so you need to make sure you’re listed at the top. SocialClimb can help you display your physicians and locations in multiple top positions and dominate the top of search result listings.

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Google Business Profile (GBP) Listings

Having multiple listings — for your physicians, departments, and locations — will help you take up more slots in Google’s three-pack listings, as long as what you offer is relevant to patients’ search queries. 

This is a time-consuming process that typically does not scale for large hospital groups with multiple locations and hundreds of physicians. But it can be a lot simpler with SocialClimb’s platform at your disposal:


Upload your location and physician listings in bulk to save time


Manage all your GBPs within one platform


Track the optimization level of each GBP


Edit and improve your listings in a couple of clicks

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Brand Ads

When you type your brand into a search engine, do you show up at the top?  Do your competitors show up for your keywords and doctors? Brand ads are an easy and relatively inexpensive opportunity to secure your place at the top of search results. Use our platform to set up simple, yet effective brand ads:


Defend and protect the brand visibility of your hospital group


Use high-converting copy templates to simplify the process


Lower the cost of your online ads 


Increase your conversion rates with proven ads

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"Near Me" Searches (SEM)

Are you showing up in searches where patients are entering keywords relevant to your business? For example: “Orthopedic Surgeon near me”, do you show up for this?  Target the patients who search for medical care “near me” for each of your hospital locations with precision:


Opt for clear calls-to-action that convert prospects into patients


Increase your visibility on search result pages and online maps


Double your chances by covering both organic and paid sections of Google


Track the performance to know the exact patient acquisition cost of your campaign

Improve Your Online Reputation

Modern patients rely on online reviews in their decision-making process. Make sure your satisfied patients spread the word online and boost your reputation on all prominent healthcare review platforms.

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Automate Review Requests

Use SocialClimb to significantly increase the number of patient reviews:


Integrate your EHR systems with our platform to streamline the review process


Automatically send a message to your patients asking them to leave a review within 24 hours of their appointment


Customize your messaging to maintain a personalized connection with your patients

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Split Your Reviews For Greater Coverage

Ensure all your online listings get enough attention and build a trustworthy reputation through each of them:


Direct one part of your patients to leave a review for a physician that attended to them


Direct the other part towards leaving a review for your hospital location or a designated service department


Feature your Google reviews on your website, social media profiles, and other popular review platforms for maximum exposure

Protect Your High-Value
Patient Base

Don’t let your competitors take over your patient base — rely on contemporary patient retention strategies to protect your high-value patients.

Promote Individual Physicians

Large hospital groups manage a lot of listings, which can result in overlooking important feedback, failing to react when necessary, and losing what could’ve been loyal patients. Many hospital groups purposely avoid responding to online reviews out of fear of HIPAA non-compliance (yes, there are many of these responses that are not compliant!).

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Manage all reviews for different physicians, locations, and departments across different review sites within SocialClimb’s platform and avoid missing important feedback from your patients and HIPAA non-compliance.

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Address and respond to negative feedback in a HIPAA-compliant manner to get a second chance with unsatisfied patients and show both them and prospective patients that you care about their experience and are eager to improve.

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Reply to positive reviews to develop a meaningful connection with your patients and demonstrate dedication and trustworthiness that will entice other prospects to follow.

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Streamline your reputation management to provide the care benefits of a large hospital system to your patients while building personalized relationships that result in loyalty and higher patient retention rates.

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Simplify your responses to both positive and negative reviews with HIPAA-compliant messaging right from the SocialClimb Healthcare Marketing Platform.

Automate Your Patient Surveys

Conduct all types of surveys among your patients to find out how you can improve their experience and your patient retention rate. 

Send out patient satisfaction, PRO, CAHPS, and NPS® surveys — all customizable through our platform according to your preferences — and automate the process of data gathering, segmentation, and analysis. 

Use the feedback to inform your patient retention strategy: invest in improving those processes your patients care about the most and show them you listen and try to fulfil their needs.

Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS)

SocialClimb’s healthcare marketing platform now enables customers to collect and submit CAHPS surveys effortlessly. The HIPAA-compliant data collection process is enabled via multiple partners.

The SocialClimb platform provides access to comprehensive CAHPS reporting. Survey results are properly submitted to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) for compliance. 

Attract Ideal Patient Mix with Well-Placed Ads

Rely on SocialClimb’s advanced data models to place the right message in front of the right potential patients and increase the effectiveness and the ROI of your advertising efforts.

Create Highly Responsive Audiences

The key to a successful advertising campaign is proper audience segmentation and targeting.

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Identify High-Value Patients

Take advantage of our Predictive Targeting feature to identify at-risk patients who might be in need of your medical services. SocialClimb uses advanced data models to create profiles of your target audience and then match them with people with a high probability of needing your healthcare services. 

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Segment Your Audience Lists

Use over 230 service care models to segment your audience and create advertising audience lists for each location, physician,  or service line you can then use to place effective ads on all prominent platforms. The data model also allows list segmentation by the likelihood of needing a particular service or procedure.

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Target Your Ideal Patients

Discover and advertise to patients who match the insurance and other financial criteria of your ideal patient profile and lower your patient acquisition cost while increasing your profits for the same medical procedures.

Place Your Ads Strategically

Use your target audience lists to successfully advertise your hospital group across different media.

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Paid Search Ads

Enhance your visibility on local search listings and capture the attention of patients seeking specific types of healthcare services or medical care in their vicinity. 

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Social Media Ads

Meet your patients where they spend more time — widen your reach by advertising on Facebook and Instagram to attract and convert high-value patients with carefully crafted offers and direct calls to action.

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Geo-target ZIP Codes

Increase the effectiveness of your postcard marketing by focusing on zip-code areas with a high concentration of at-risk patients who match your ideal patient criteria.

Reallocate Marketing Spend to Most Effective Campaigns

Spend your marketing dollars wisely: identify what works best for your hospital group and optimize your healthcare marketing strategy accordingly.

Track Your Healthcare Marketing Performance

Use SocialClimb’s healthcare marketing platform to get detailed insights into each segment of your marketing performance. Track everything: from Google Business Profile listings and reputation management to all types of advertising and local SEO rankings, we got you covered.

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Understand Your ROI and PAC

Rely on our reporting features to analyze and grasp your healthcare marketing Return on Investment (ROI) and patient acquisition costs (PAC). Segment the data to find out the exact ROI and PAC for each marketing activity you conduct. 

Optimize for Better Results

Use the data insights to optimize your healthcare marketing campaigns and reduce your patient acquisition cost, increase your patient conversion rate, and boost your profit margins — all while keeping your patient data safe and secure, and in line with official regulations.

Scale Marketing to Service Lines, Physicians & Branding

Provide your marketing team with the latest healthcare marketing technology and let them achieve their highest potential — and let that greatly reflect on your hospital group’s bottom line.

SocialClimb powers your marketing team with:


Access to all-encompassing digital healthcare marketing tools


Advanced healthcare marketing analytics 


Detailed audience and reporting segmentation


Automation of time-consuming, repetitive tasks


HIPAA-compliant data-driven marketing strategies


Leverage to attract top marketing professionals onboard

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Promote Your Physicians and Departments Alongside Your Brand

An established hospital group brand can bring you many advantages. But to compete with local, agile providers in a competitive healthcare market in the digital age, you need to move past branding. 

Strengthen your healthcare marketing efforts by promoting your physicians and marketing all service lines at each hospital location — and see how data-driven marketing decisions increase your profit margins. 

Book a demo today to find out how SocialClimb’s healthcare marketing management platform can help your hospital group reflect the excellence of medical care in marketing and achieve significant financial growth.

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