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Become A
Competing Force in
Marketing Space

Strengthen your campaigns with HIPAA-compliant healthcare
marketing software and guarantee results to attract more
healthcare clients and increase your agency’s client retention rate.

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Define Your Agency’s Unique Selling

To succeed as a marketing agency in a niche market, you need to have a unique differentiator.

What do you bring to the table that your marketing competitors can’t?

In healthcare marketing, that’s — data-driven marketing strategies. Healthcare-oriented marketing agencies often struggle with client retention. This is because HIPAA regulations limit data-driven marketing possibilities, resulting in a lack of significant results and, ultimately, marketing ROI. And those who used tracking pixels for retargeting without regard to HIPAA have been confronted with large fines.

When your data usage is limited, your results are limited as well.

Strengthen your agency’s efforts with SocialClimb’s marketing healthcare software: a unique set of healthcare-specific tools that allows you to work more efficiently, gather and use the essential data in a HIPAA-compliant manner, and create tailored marketing strategies and campaigns with high conversion rates and a significantly better ROI.

HIPAA violation fine

Get Your Clients to Rank #1 on
Google’s Local Listings

Many healthcare practices are years behind the digital marketing trends and rely on
old-fashioned marketing methods to attract patients.

When you start working with healthcare practices, chances are you’ll be building their
digital presence from the ground up. This can be a lengthy process, as securing a prime
spot on Google is challenging even for seasoned marketing professionals.
Use SocialClimb’s healthcare marketing software to speed up this process and show
results sooner to reassure and retain your agency’s clients.

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Increase Your Clients’ Online Visibility

In healthcare, it’s all about location.

Saturate your clients’ local market by featuring all doctors and locations on Google Business Profile listings.

Create and post SEO-friendly content to keep their Google Business Profile listings active and relevant.

Ensure your clients dominate local search listings and make sure their patients don’t have to scroll down to find them. Optimize search ads to position them more prominently. Use GBP management to rank them multiple times in Google’s three-pack with location and doctor listings.

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Streamline Your Local SEO Management

Keep your clients on top of Google — literally and figuratively.

Create and manage hundreds of GBPs in one place to streamline your internal workflow. Bulk-upload profiles to save time, and track and edit missing or misleading information for each profile within the same platform. 

Use thorough insights to optimize your clients’ GBPs quickly and efficiently.
Centralize GBP management to optimize your processes and resources while improving your campaign effectiveness.

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Cater Better Brand Ads

SocialClimb has been collecting and analyzing data to find the best combination of elements that yield high healthcare advertising ROI. Now we’re bringing it to you.

Skip the unnerving process of initial ad testing and start with optimized brand ads right away. Protect your clients’ brands from competitors and ensure maximum visibility on Google for search queries related to them.

Lower the cost of clients’ brand ads by tracking ad performance and using SocialClimb’s healthcare-specific insights and suggestions for ad optimization.

Less Work for Your Team - More
Leads for Your Clients

Your ultimate goal is to increase your clients’ patient acquisition, but how do you convince their
audience that your client is the best choice without the genuine feedback of their patient base?

Reputation management is one of the crucial activities in healthcare marketing. It is also
known to be slow and time-consuming.

Improve Your Team’s Efficiency

Improve your clients’ reputation management process and outcomes using
SocialClimb’s reputation management tool.

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Simplify Your Marketing Agency’s Ad Management

Integrate SocialClimb with your clients’ EHR platforms to streamline your review request process. SocialClimb offers seamless integrations with almost all EHR systems.

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Automate Review Requests

Send out automated text messages to patients up to 24 hours after their appointment and ask them to share their experiences.

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Customize Your Messages

Customize the messages you send to patients to mirror your client’s voice and increase your review rate.

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Split the Feedback

Use a split feature to send patients to different listings and simultaneously build a reputation for both doctors and practice locations.

Manage All Reviews in One Place

Stay on top of any negative reviews and don’t allow a bad reputation to spread.

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Track Incoming Reviews

Get detailed insights about the reviews your clients are getting. See how many patients follow through on review requests and optimize messaging to increase that percentage.

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Manage Negative Feedback

Don’t miss any negative reviews your clients may get — remedy the situation timely, strategically, and to your client’s benefit.

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Create Community
Engagement For Your Clients

Manage reviews from all listings in one place to streamline your reputation management process. Connect your clients to their community, improve interactions, and translate online engagement into patient acquisition growth.

Get Significant Results Right Away

Clients are impatient to see results. Use our Reputation Management tool to show
them instant progress:


Increase the number of your clients’ reviews up to 10x in just one month;


Improve their overall ranking score by 1.3 stars on average;


Feature their reviews across different channels for maximum exposure without endangering their ranking opportunities.

Execute Data-Driven Ad
Campaigns with High ROI

You can’t use your clients’ patient data for retargeting or creating lookalike audiences. Then
how can you create well-targeted ad campaigns with optimized spend?

SocialClimb’s comprehensive datasets help you generate high-performing audience lists
based on a set of specific criteria for each client.

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Acquire High-Paying Patients for Your Clients

Use predictive targeting to reach the ideal patient mix for your clients: factor in insurance choice, financial situation, lifetime patient value, self-reported health issues, and other healthcare-specific criteria to ensure a high conversion rate for your advertising campaigns.

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Cater to the Right Audience for Each Service Line

Rely on over 200 of SocialClimb’s Care Models to successfully target at-risk audiences for each service line your client provides care in. Create specific campaigns for different service lines to make them more enticing to each audience and achieve better results.

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Introduce Your Clients to Geolocation Targeting

Boost the effectiveness of your clients’ offline campaigns by targeting zip-code areas with a high concentration of at-risk patients and using call tracking to include a way to track the ROI of an otherwise untrackable effort. Capture patients who search for medical care “near me” by optimizing ads in a designated location radius.

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Simplify Your Marketing Agency’s Ad Management

Use audience lists to advertise on Google, Facebook, and Instagram through one platform.

Replace Business Manager and Google Ads with a tool specifically designed for healthcare advertising and reduce the amount of time and effort your team invests in advertising while improving the end result.

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Create, Track, and Optimize

Create all types of ads — from display to video — quickly and efficiently with the use of our ad builder and element library. Rely on high-performing conversation-focused ad copy that converts more patients. 

Centralize your advertising data for each client for more precise tracking and easier campaign optimization.

Provide Unmatched Healthcare
Marketing Tracking and Reporting

How do you track your clients’ healthcare marketing efforts and make data-informed
marketing decisions in a HIPAA-controlled landscape?

SocialClimb provides you with an agency-tailored, HIPAA-compliant, marketing tracking toolset and allows you to:


Track your clients’ patients journey in a HIPAA-compliant way.

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Track the performance of each marketing activity to determine its effectiveness

computer screen

Use tracking data to optimize your clients’ patient acquisition cost.

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Optimize your internal tracking and reporting processes for a faster and more reliable delivery.

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Decrease the time your team spends on analytics and reporting.


SocialClimb collects, reviews, and summarizes data for you.

data graph

Easily customize reports for each client and generate them in a few clicks.

calendar icon

Deliver reports automatically on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

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White-label reports for your clients to further strengthen your agency brand.

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Pitch data-driven marketing strategies with reliable benchmarks.


Connect all key marketing and healthcare tools securely.

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Integrate your clients’ Practice Management and Electronic Health Records in a HIPAA-compliant manner to track which channels acquire new patients.

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Conduct standardized and customized patient satisfaction surveys on your client's behalf and streamline survey reporting.

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Integrate with other marketing essential software of your choice.

Key Metrics

Make accurate healthcare marketing KPIs your unique selling point.

growth arrow icon

Show your clients where their marketing potential lies and increase their marketing ROI in a short timespan.

two split arrows, icon

Make informed marketing decisions on behalf of your client and opt for the most lucrative activities.

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Increase the lifetime patient value for each client.

Capture and Retain More
Healthcare Clients for Your
Marketing Agency

Sell better than your competition by guaranteeing results and HIPAA compliance.

Healthcare providers don’t often have a grand marketing budget. They tend to be disappointed with their previous marketing efforts and aren’t keen on investing in an agency retainer. 

Postcards and word-of-mouth marketing are their weapons of choice. So how do you convince your potential healthcare clients to invest in digital marketing with your agency?

an illustration of a hammer breaking a jar with marketing budget in it

Attract Qualified Leads with HIPAA Compliant

Healthcare providers don’t see much opportunity in data-driven marketing because they’re scared to use data. Any violation of HIPAA regulations comes with fines they don’t have the budget for and a bad reputation that threatens their business.

Reassure them that they can benefit from digital marketing and achieve results that significantly affect their bottom line while remaining HIPAA-compliant. Then rely on SocialClimb to deliver the promised results.

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Convert Leads to Clients by Vouching for

SocialClimb allows you to vouch for results (helps you convince them to get on board and then show the results that will retain them; sell better, retain more; guarantee a slot in three-pack, guarantee the reviews, guarantee a higher ROI on advertising)

SocialClimb isn’t just a marketing platform — we are your partner.

Guarantee the results to your clients as we guarantee them to you: 


up to 10x more reviews on Google in one month;


a 1.3 average increase in ranking score on Google; 


a slot in Google’s local search three-pack; 


lower advertising costs; 


higher conversion rates; 


and a detailed overview of their marketing spend.

Become an Indispensable
Marketing Partner for Healthcare
Providers Across The Country

Marketing to and for healthcare providers is challenging: they haven’t realized the full
potential of digital marketing yet, they’re bound by budgets and HIPAA regulations, it’s a
sensitive field… The list goes on. 

SocialClimb helps your marketing agency rise to the challenge. Strengthen your marketing and sales pitch by addressing your audience’s main concerns to bring in more clients and increase your client retention rate.

Streamline your internal marketing processes, optimize your spend per client, reduce resources dedicated to each client, and increase your bottom line. Scale your agency for growth with the help of a one-of-a-kind healthcare marketing platform.

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