Centralize CAHPS Surveys with SocialClimb

Maximizing CAHPS with SocialClimb

In the dynamic world of healthcare, CAHPS surveys aren’t just mandated checklists; they’re gold mines of insights.  SocialClimb is helping practices delve deeper into these insights.

🔹 Assess Patient Experience: Understand the complete patient journey and refine touch points.

🔹 Elevate Care Quality: Identify areas of improvement to ensure optimal patient care.

🔹 Drive Informed Decisions: Make strategic choices backed by concrete survey data.

🔹 Centralized Reporting: With robust, centralized reporting, easily access, and interpret survey data, streamlining improvements and patient outreach.

🔹 Champion Continuous Improvement: Address specific areas and ensure care is ever-evolving.

🔹 Boost Transparency & Trust: Showcase your commitment to patient-centric care, bolstering your reputation.

Moreover, integrating CAHPS survey responses directly into your marketing strategies can be transformative. Positive feedback can be spotlighted to enhance reputation, build trust, and effectively acquire new patients. With SocialClimb at your side, make every survey count.

Anyone dealing with Medicare or Medicaid will eventually be required to implement these standardized surveys. On the bright side, CAHPS surveys sent with the SocialClimb platform integrate directly with your other marketing metrics, making your tracking a seamless "one-stop" journey. There's no need for outside solutions, when you can do everything in the same place, quicker, and utilize your budget for other projects.

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Improve Your Reputation

Patient Satisfaction Survey System

Patients leave when their expectations aren’t met, so it’s crucial for healthcare organizations to reliably gather feedback and continuously improve the patient experience. Surveying patients is one of the most effective ways to collect and act on patient feedback. It allows patients to be open and honest without just venting publicly.

Automated Surveys

SocialClimb offers a variety of survey options to help you gather the data you need to improve the patient experience. The big question remains, "What is the point"? Here's what our customers use surveys for on an every day basis: retaining existing patients, informing marketing strategy, growing an online presence, refining messaging for a targeted audience. On top of all that, you'll receive instant feedback and response rates of 26% to 30% on average using SocialClimb's online patient survey system.

Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)

Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are measures of a patient’s health status and quality of life that are obtained directly from the patient. These measures assess the patient’s symptoms, functioning, and well-being, and are used to evaluate the effectiveness of healthcare interventions from the patient’s perspective. PROs can be used in clinical practice to guide patient care and in clinical research to compare treatments and inform health policy decisions. PROs can be obtained through self-administered questionnaires, interviews, or interactive voice response systems. The use of PROs is becoming increasingly important in healthcare as patient-centered care and shared decision-making become more prevalent.

Patient satisfaction surveys

We offer CAHPS and fully customizable surveys with nationally benchmarked survey questions.

Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) surveys

Choose from HOOS Jr., KOOS Jr., ASES, or others, or create your own according to your needs.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys

Tap into patient sentiment and identify unsatisfied patients with our fully customizable NPS surveys.

Customized reports

Customize your survey reports to highlight info on providers, locations, subspecialties, individual questions, and more.


See survey results in comparison with your doctors, SocialClimb customers, and national benchmarks through AAOE Empower.

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