Attract High-Value Patients

Predictive Targeting

Identify profitable patients with our predictive analytics feature. High-value patients will improve your profit margins and allow you to provide the type of care you want to focus on.

Consumer Data

Consumers leave a trail of data every time they go online. We have access to this collected data for over 250 million people in the U.S., and we can filter it to predict future behavior, including risk for specific medical conditions.

predictive analytics

Care Models

Choose from one of our 230+ care models to fine-tune the profile of the patients you want to attract.

Geotarget zip codes

Select zip code areas with high concentrations of at-risk consumers so they see your ads at critical, decision-making moments.

Geotarget radius

Target people in a radius around a specific location to capture patients who search for medical care “near me.”


Find patients with the right insurance and financial situation so you get higher reimbursements for the same procedure.

Risk Level

Filter results according to whether the identified patients are at elevated, high, or extreme risk for the specified condition.

Targeted Ads

Set up ads targeted to patients identified with predictive analytics to improve your revenue and grow your practice.

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