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Scale your independent practice and grow your profits with healthcare
marketing automation.

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Compete with Large Hospital

You don’t have to be as big as your competitors to be as visible. Nor do you need a large marketing team with an astronomical budget. 

Take advantage of contemporary healthcare marketing tools and strategies to achieve your business goals. Automate your healthcare marketing processes to ensure efficiency while saving resources. 

Focus on proven data-based strategies, such as local SEO, reputation management, predictive targeting, and performance tracking to increase your visibility and attract high-value patients. Take up your space on the healthcare market while staying on a budget and remaining HIPAA-compliant.

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Be More Visible in Your Local Community

Visibility yields interest — and interest yields more business.

Larger hospital groups have established brands and a dominant brand presence. As an independent practice, you’ve built a local reputation for both your doctors and your practice — but your online presence doesn’t reflect it.

To address this issue, meet your potential patients where they are — online. As a majority of people look for a doctor online, to be taken into consideration, it’s crucial you rank high on Google’s local search listings. 

SocialClimb helps you improve your local search rankings and ensures you show up — not once, but multiple times — at the top of search listings in your area.

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Dominate Organic Google Listings

Create and manage all your Google Business Profile listings from one platform. SocialClimb allows you to bulk upload your listings, manage featured information, track performance, and optimize the listings accordingly. 

Relying on those insights and customized recommendations, you can edit and optimize each listing and create SEO-optimized posts without ever leaving our platform — significantly reducing the resources dedicated to GBP management.

Improve Your Ranking With Brand Ads

You wouldn’t like to have patients bump into your competition when they are searching for you, would you?

Secure your brand with paid search ads and ensure your spot at the top of the search results. SocialClimb’s platform steers you in the right direction — use our custom templates and best practices recommendations to easily create low-cost paid brand ads with clear calls to action, and then track their success to understand the exact value of your marketing spend.

Strengthen Your Reputation

Your independent practice thrives on a great reputation. How can you take it even further?

While striving towards the highest ranking score, you must have in mind that a doctor with a 4.9 score based on only 17 reviews will be easily overshadowed by a doctor with a 4.2 score based on 145 reviews.

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Get More Reviews

Many patients leave your practice content and relieved, but how many of them spread the
good word online? 

To remain relevant both to your potential patients and to Google, you need to generate
new reviews on a consistent basis.

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Seamless integration of our platform with your EHR system helps you eliminate manual review management workload while increasing the number of reviews.

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Automate the process of asking for reviews to see a significant increase in your reputation scores across all prominent review platforms. Send automated text messages to your patients within 24h of their appointment to have them leave a review on your platform of choice.

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Customize the messaging to align with your brand voice and choose which review platform you want to direct your patients to, and the system does the rest for you. You can adjust your messaging whenever you wish — all in one place, in a couple of simple steps.

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Patients don’t choose hospitals — they choose doctors. This is why it’s important that your reputation strategy include all your physicians as well as your location. SocialClimb’s split feature lets you direct reviews toward both, so you can simultaneously build your location's reputation as well as your physicians’.

Build Trust with Your Community

Not all reviews will be great. And that’s okay — as long as you don’t ignore them.

Patients often find 5.0 ratings suspicious and believe that an immaculate reputation is
staged. They don’t mind a negative review every now and then, but they are interested
to see how you address complaints.

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Manage Reviews

Keep track of all reviews you’re getting across different platforms and reply to them all in one place. This will help you address any concerns or negative experiences your patients may share and allow you to right the wrongs and show you’re eager to listen and grow. 

Don’t neglect the glowing reviews either: maintaining communication with your patients outside of your practice will help you retain them and demonstrate the trustworthiness you share with your community.

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Secure Your Patients’ Data

Use SocialClimb’s healthcare marketing platform to make the most out of contemporary healthcare marketing methods while retaining your HIPAA compliance. You can still rely on data to make informed marketing decisions — while keeping your patients’ data secure and protected.

Increase The Profits of Your
Independent Practice

Attract high-value patients who will improve your profit margins so you can focus on the type of care you want to be recognizable for.

Rely on Predictive Targeting

Did you know that consumers leave a trail of information that reflects their online actions we can use to anticipate their needs? This goes for healthcare, too.

Use SocialClimb’s advanced predictive targeting feature to identify high-value patients in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Fine-tune your search with our elaborate care models and geolocation targeting and filter potential patients based on elaborate criteria, such as risk level, insurance, and other financial circumstances. This data allows you to precisely target high-value patients across different advertising platforms.

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Paid Search Advertising

Setting up search ads strategically will guarantee you a prime spot on search results and bring in just the right patient base into your practice.

Use our predictive targeting lists and a variety of ad copy templates to set up high-performing search ads in no time and without advertising expertise. 

Target specific zip-code areas with a high concentration of at-risk patients and capture more patients who search for medical care “near me”.

Increase the number of new patients while decreasing your patient acquisition costs.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Social media isn’t just for fun anymore. Users are receptive to the content they consume on their favorite platforms, so why not connect with them there?

Set up Facebook and Instagram ads to expand your reach and attract high-value patients across the most popular social media.

Use our platform to successfully target people who share similar online behavior with your ideal patients and boost your revenue.

Create all types of ads — from display ads to video format — quickly and easily through our platform and accompany them with the highest-performing copy templates from our database.

Offline Marketing

Are postcards a marketing staple of your independent practice? Add a data-driven strategy behind them to get better results.

Offline marketing methods have become outdated and providers are often frustrated with the lack of performance tracking that makes it hard to define the return on investment. 

But use our predictive targeting tools to reach the right patients instead of blanketing entire zip-code areas and add call tracking into the mix — and there’s a sustainable, financially viable, and measurable way to benefit from postcard marketing.

Make The Most Out of Your
Healthcare Marketing Budget

Track the performance of your campaigns to understand which investments pay off the most.

The thing about healthcare marketing is — you don’t have to invest a lot, you just have to know what to invest in. SocialClimb’s platform allows you to manage all your marketing activities in one place, and then track your performance within it as well. Double your marketing budget by eliminating ineffective campaigns and reallocating your funds to campaigns that yield a high ROI.

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Pull out your reports anytime and analyze the performance of your advertising efforts, GBP listings, or reputation management. Identify the opportunities for improvement and optimize your marketing activities to yield an even greater ROI.

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Automate your patient surveying efforts — from patient satisfaction surveys to NPS® — and gather and analyze all data in one place. Use these insights to improve the quality of care and align your services with your patients’ expectations to see a higher patient retention rate.

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Measure Your ROI And PAC

Use our platform to see what’s the return on investment for each healthcare marketing activity and make informed, data-based marketing decisions. Calculate your patient acquisition cost and get insights into further lowering that cost and boosting your profit margin.

Grow on Your Own Terms

Sure, you want to grow your practice, but you’d rather spend time taking care of your patients than troubleshooting your marketing issues. We can help.

Automate all your healthcare marketing processes to strengthen your patient acquisition efforts while remaining free to do what you do best — heal people. 

Our platform provides you with all important healthcare system integrations to ensure your marketing activities bring tremendous results, while you keep your patients’ data safe and secure and successfully maintain the highest level of HIPAA compliance.

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Move Beyond Reputation

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t benefit from all the latest, patient-oriented healthcare marketing trends.

Yes, reputation is important. But without the support system that grants you visibility and connection with potential patients, it can only do so much. It’s time you move beyond reputation and reap the benefits of a comprehensive, data-based, contemporary healthcare marketing approach — and see how much more your independent practice can grow on the same marketing budget. 

Book a demo now and learn how SocialClimb’s comprehensive healthcare marketing platform can help you reach your business development goals.

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