Security and Integration


The SocialClimb suite is all about automation and integration.  Our system integrates seamlessly with your office’s practice management systems to automate the patient feedback process.  Our secure, compliant model delivers industry-leading results while maintaining your peace of mind. The SocialClimb engineering team has extensive experience in security and compliance issues and uses qualified vendors with specific expertise to deliver our service securely and in compliance with HIPAA and all other relevant regulations. Security and compliance are a top priority.

  • We guarantee HIPAA compliance.
  • Deep security is at the core of our system model.
  • We are regularly audited by third parties and frequently assessed via white hat security penetration tests.

Systems integration options


The SocialClimb suite delivers security and high performance with sophisticated integration options to work with your systems.  Our software makes things easy for both your office staff and your IT employees:

  • SocialClimb integrates with all practice management systems. We provide native integration for more than 50 of the most popular practice management systems, with additional HL7-based integration for all other platforms.
  • SocialClimb’s API access enables integrations with your systems at multiple levels and bidirectionally. API access lets you initiate varied review and survey invitations, report raw data and other results, and publish ratings and reviews on various marketing websites.  It allows permitted access to all data for internal reporting and system integration.
  • SocialClimb provides role-based access so you can grant and configure access for appropriate team members practice-wide, at various locations, or for any individuals with particular roles.
  • SocialClimb supports  Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations to enable your authentication systems to control team member access to the SocialClimb administrative and reporting features.
  • SocialClimb uses custom phone and text numbers to deliver review and survey invitations.  Our system selects numbers that match a practice’s primary area code.

Dedicated customer success team


Although we specialize in seamless automation and integration, we also know that clients sometimes need personalized, hands-on technical help to succeed.

  • All SocialClimb clients have a dedicated customer success contact in our offices.  You have full access to a senior team member through phone and email.
  • The SocialClimb customer success team will help you with all steps to succeed, including listing claims and configuration, Google and Facebook data syncs and response models, integration into your systems, and personalized team training on our products, as well as best practices for social reviews.

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