SocialClimb’s patent pending Boost feature takes automated reputation marketing to the next level, promoting your physicians beyond your local market to attract the high-value patients you want.  Use our powerful tools to identify where your preferred patients reside, then boost your physician visibility specifically to that intended market. As you publicize your positive reputation to your selected markets, you will bring in those patients that best fit your practice model and capture the more profitable market share you want. Our advanced analysis tools monitor your providers’ schedules and adapt to your actual patient volume, turning up or down the Boost for each physician.  This automated adjustment means you grow your patient load at the rate you want. You spend efficiently to boost your practice revenue.

Capitalize on your successful reputation


Medical practices want to keep their physician schedules full of the most profitable patients, keeping each doctor busy with the high-value patients who best fit their specialties. SocialClimb’s Boost feature now makes this ambitious goal not just possible, but also automated and low-cost. SocialClimb’s Predictive Analytics identifies where to find each physician’s preferred patient populations.

Our Predictive Analytics uses data on more than 240 million Americans and 230 ‘Big Data’ models to identify the zip codes where patient concentrations reside. Our models identify potential patients that are in need of care and the type of marketing effort most likely to attract those patients to a practice or physician. 


  • Broadcasts your chosen physician listings and reputations to your preferred, high-value clients as they search for the specific, profitable services these physicians specialize in.
  • Works together with our automated reputation tools to ensure that these potential patients see your physicians as the top-quality choice to meet their specific needs.
  • Helps you easily maintain a consistent, profitable patient load for each physician as it continues to pull in preferred clients to your physicians, keeping them busy with their most profitable, best-fit patients.

As a result, you increase your practice at the profitable and sustainable rate you want, to meet your goals for growth. Interested in trying out Boost?  Request a Demo here!