Business Insights


SocialClimb’s innovative Business Insights Calculator shows how your improved reputation converts to dollars.  We know it’s validating to see SocialClimb improve your online ratings and help you rise to the top of internet searches.  Yet you still might wonder,  how does all this make a difference to my bottom line?

Here’s how: Internet searchers take real, measurable actions from Google My Business pages.  SocialClimb’s system tracks their specific actions on your pages, showing you these behaviors in numbers and graphs.

For example, our system tracks and can show you how many searchers call or request directions directly from your Google My Business pages.

Then, once you enter some basic assumptions, such as your average revenue per patient, our calculator converts these specific actions into reliable, dollar-based revenue estimates.

Use these figures to explain your business plans and successes to stakeholders and other practice managers. Also use these figures to analyze trends and forecast for the future, not just for revenue, but also for staffing needs, scheduling and office space, and other operations planning to keep your practice running smoothly.

Track potential revenue growth


Use the SocialClimb Business Insights Calculator for a clear picture of the actions patients take from your Google My Business pages.  Then calculate the potential revenue growth from these actions.

Our Insights Calculator shows you these real actions by internet searchers:

  • Views of your Google My Business page.  This views number is important because it is by viewing your Google My Business page that searchers can easily access your reputation, location, website, contact information, and other details that can motivate them to choose your practice over someone else.
  • Calls from your Google My Business page.  When these pages are set up correctly, patients can call simply by clicking a button. Every call is an inbound patient opportunity which converts to revenue as those callers become clients.
  • Clicks for driving directions.  Driving directions are especially important for practices with open ortho clinics.  More than 50% of clicks for directions to open clinics will become patients.
  • Clicks to see your official website.  Although clicks to your website are not directly convertible to dollars, these important clicks show increased interest in your practice, and this interest often convinces a potential client.

Our calculator can convert all of these real actions into realistic revenue growth estimates.  To see the dollar calculation, simply enter these two business assumptions for your practice:

  • Your practice’s average value for each client over the course of an episode.
  • Your practice’s approximate conversion rate from phone call to paying customer.

You can enter your own practice estimates, or use the estimates we provide, based on our experience and industry research.  Either way the Insights feature allows you to project your practice and revenue growth and see the results that using SocialClimb will create for you.