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How Traktion Creates a Data-Driven Agency Experience with the Help of SocialClimb

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Jon Eggleton

Managing Partner

Traktion is a healthcare-specific marketing agency that assists clients in tackling the unique challenges of the industry. “Understanding the nuances of healthcare is crucial.”

Jon Eggleton

Ryan Woolley

Managing Partner

“We want to make sure the client feels informed and that we have enough strategic input to be able to do our jobs better.”

Ryan Woolley

Not your average agency

It’s no secret that marketing agencies can help a wide variety of organizations stand out from the competition. But what happens when clients start to plateau in their industry after using standard agency services? Enter Jon Eggleton and Ryan Woolley, the managing partners of Traktion. 

Traktion is a healthcare-specific marketing agency that assists clients in tackling the unique challenges of the industry. “Understanding the nuances of healthcare is crucial,” shares Jon. “Especially for big pain points such as HIPAA compliance.” With growing concerns around privacy, it’s important to partner with an agency that holds the knowledge and capability to quickly navigate requirements. However, a successful agency partnership is dependent on preparation from both parties. Learn what Jon and Ryan recommend as a strong foundation for a successful partnership.

Building a trusted partnership

Jon and Ryan are familiar with organizations feeling hesitant to work with an agency, which usually stems from a lack of dedicated support from non-healthcare agencies. In their experience with Traktion clients, transparency is key to developing a relationship that is successful for both parties. “With every client relationship, we want to make sure there’s an agreement on what the book of truth is,” he shares. That book of truth is SocialClimb. By tracking patient appointments and phone calls, SocialClimb’s data allows Jon and Ryan to strategically optimize marketing campaigns, but more on that later. 

As organizations determine if they are ready to partner with an agency like Traktion, Jon stresses the importance of going in open-minded with clear goals. Initial conversations usually center around who the organization is wanting to target and defining success. “The client should be able to articulate what they’re trying to accomplish, and then we can work collaboratively,” shares Jon. After that discussion, clients can rely on Jon and Ryan to conduct comprehensive research and establish a proposal before any payment is required. If a partnership is established, Jon and Ryan encourage clients to consider the economics of the program. “The initial cost may look high,” warns Jon. “But over time, the ROI will work in their favor.” 

The Traktion team understands that partnering with an agency can feel like a leap of faith, particularly if budget is a concern. Fortunately, they are experienced in navigating economic downturns and helping clients maximize their spend. Their main point of advice is to find a way to stay in the game. Using platform and industry knowledge, Jon and Ryan are prepared to coach on the best campaigns to pause and offer solutions for efficient spend. “We’re here to show you that we know what we’re doing and we can do the right things for your business,” encourages Jon.

Data-driven success

In alignment with their transparency goals, Traktion has partnered with SocialClimb to achieve a data platform that can be easily accessed and understood by them and the client. Jon and Ryan warn that some agencies are not as committed to transparency and use flashy reporting systems that lack financial accountability and substance. SocialClimb’s platform clearly defines each data point and allows the Traktion team to clearly report on all aspects of their client’s marketing spend.. “It could take up a lot of administrative time for Ryan and I to track down consistent data,” says Jon. “It’s one less thing we need to be concerned with.” Unified data empowers Traktion and its clients to use the same terminology and spend more time creating competitive campaigns.

Easy data also allows Jon and Ryan to showcase their skills by helping clients create a balanced marketing strategy. Pairing their digital marketing expertise with SocialClimb’s patient targeting capabilities, Jon and Ryan are able to coach clients on digital media and direct marketing initiatives that decrease the cost per patient lead. One organization that experienced the opportunities with unified data first-hand is U.S. OrthoPaedic Partners (USOP), a Traktion and SocialClimb client. “With SocialClimb, it’s been easy to step in and quickly assess where we are and how things are going,” shares Aaron McKevitt, USOP’s Senior Director of Marketing & Growth. 

The Traktion team believes balance is necessary for successful client partnerships. Jon and Ryan have proven their capabilities time and time again, but they still encourage clients to stay involved and be part of the wins. “We want to make sure the client feels informed and that we have enough strategic input to be able to do our jobs better,” shares Jon. Partnering with an agency is a financial and time investment, but especially in Traktion’s case, it’s a partnership that is sure to yield results.