The Return on Investment (ROI) from OrthoSouth’s targeted postcard campaign was a staggering 1,801%

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Kim Jenkins
Melissa Kandel

“The data gives us levers to pull enabling us to maximize revenue. Using data, we generated $326,500 of incremental revenue for OrthoSouth with an ROI of 1,814%."

Melissa Kandel

Setting the Standard

Each aspect of an OrthoSouth facility is meant to extend a touch of Southern hospitality by providing a world-class orthopedic experience at each stage of the patient journey.

After learning more about SocialClimb’s HIPAA-Compliant Patient Targeting Melissa Kandel, OrthoSouth’s Director of Marketing, was eager to put it to use and extend that hospitality to a broader audience.

Armed with Data

Melissa knew that converting prospects into patients required targeting prospects with a tailored, relevant message. Using the SocialClimb platform, Melissa was able to use HIPAA-compliant, predictive data models to search for and target prospective patients based on location, healthcare need, and likelihood of needing care. Once she identified at-risk patients in the platform, she sent specific messaging designed to convert prospects to patients by scheduling appointments.

Using traditional direct mail, OrthoSouth’s campaigns targeted potential patients identified in the SocialClimb platform using HIPAA-compliant, predictive data modeling. Three different postcards were sent—the results generated 218 new patients. The postcards consisted of a generic orthopedic message, a specific arthroscopy service message, and one created to drive awareness of their Saturday Clinic. As of Melissa’s interview with SocialClimb, the total Return on Investment (ROI) from her targeted postcard campaign was a staggering 1,801% (based on the average first-time appointment value of a new OrthoSouth patient).

Melissa shared her main secret to success with her postcard campaign: targeted audiences deserve targeted messaging. While she believes in the value of a multi- touch campaign, her results speak for themselves after sending postcards with specific messaging to each highly relevant audience.

Owning the Data

The key to successful marketing lies in the data; and yet, healthcare and HIPAA compliance add significant complexity to marketing data analysis.

With data at her fingertips, Melissa has created an effective multi-media marketing strategy with actionable reporting allowing her to maximize her budget. SocialClimb allows her to easily analyze marketing performance data and adjust accordingly. “SocialClimb data is actionable,” shares Melissa. “The data gives us levers to pull enabling us to maximize revenue”. Using data, Melissa generated $326,500 of incremental revenue for OrthoSouth with an ROI of 1,814%.

Melissa created marketing campaigns that targeted potential patients and were able to track the results of those campaigns directly to the new patients acquired. “The data allows you to see the big picture and connect the dots,” shares Melissa. Accessing HIPAA-compliant data from predictive data models has empowered her to easily identify potential patients and create a cohesive marketing strategy that aligns with OrthoSouth’s commitment to patients.

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