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Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC) was established in 1996 by a group of physicians who wanted to centralize their administrative responsibilities, allowing them to focus on the best patient care they could provide. Since then they have expanded to more than 75+ practices serving over 400,000 patients, three SameDay Centers, and a host of ancillary and specialty services and providers.


Designed to support the entire care for each patient, their organization has a long history of clinical excellence. They wanted to capture that high standard of care through an online reputation management system that could give them results and data and increase their patient counts. With only 40 Google reviews coming in each month and an overall rating of 4.09, they knew there was room for improvement.



Carolyn Wright, COPC Patient Relations Representative, tried working with a different organization to manage their social reputation; however, she explains, “they did not have the reporting tools or mechanisms in place to give us what we needed when it comes to specificity in reporting data, so we moved to SocialClimb.” 


They teamed up with SocialClimb in May 2019 looking for a way for patients to easily leave a review so COPC could receive feedback from their many happy but silent patients. SocialClimb’s platform delivered simple setup, seamless integration, and instant results, sending automatically generated text requests to patients within 24 hours of care. In addition, many of SocialClimb’s features were just what COPC was looking for: 


  • Automated text reminders for satisfied patients to easily provide feedback 
  • Full reporting tools to enable measurable practice improvement models and provide actionable results 
  • Time-sensitive feedback to help improve patient care 
  • A one-stop interface to monitor and respond to reviews as needed 
  • Service recovery to address negative experiences by contacting patients to address their concerns in a timely manner 
  • Independent ratings for practices and providers to track their improvement 
  • Detailed tracking and notification of reviews 
  • HIPAA compliant, secure service 


COPC has received more than 25,000 reviews across all platforms including Google, Facebook, Vitals and Healthgrades, a 150% increase. Their number of Google reviews increased from 1,823 reviews to over 10,700. Monthly reviews have jumped from approximately 109 public reviews a month across all platforms to 1,857 a month, and Google reviews increased from 40 a month to over 1000 a month.


In addition, COPC’s Google rating on average improved from 4.22 stars to 4.77 stars since May of 2019. During the same timeframe, they experienced 86% more Google My Business views.


COPC received 86% more GMB views





Central Ohio Primary Care saw an immediate increase in the number of reviews they received on a monthly basis. In addition, they were able to capture the sentiments of their normally silent but happy majority of patients, bumping up their star rating and presenting a more accurate picture of who they are and the level of clinical excellence and mindful service they provide, with no effort on the part of their staff. 


COPC Monthly Reviews


When COPC receives negative feedback, it gets automatically routed to Patient Relations, who contacts the patient immediately. This incident-based service recovery drives improvement in care and helps COPC mitigate negative experiences before they escalate. 


SocialClimb helped COPC improve their reputation and position themselves for growth. With SocialClimb, COPC is capitalizing on their improved reputation and visibility in Local Search to decrease the amount of time required to get new facilities and physicians to budget neutral. For already established practices and physicians, the improved visibility will help them attract additional patients with trackable ROI for every marketing dollar they spend.

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