Case Study


Supporting 55+ independent dental practices throughout the United States, Lone Peak Dental Group, based in the Denver area, needed a way to improve doctor and practice reputation while maintaining each practice’s individual branding.

Building the brand and marketing effort for 55+ dental practices is challenging. When Lone Peak Dental Group Group decided reputation marketing was a key component of their overall strategy, many of its practice had only four or five reviews. The average ratings for each practice were fairly low and the overall social media reputation for most of the practices caused them to rarely show up in Google Local Searches for dental care.





Lone Peak’s head of marketing was referred to SocialClimb through a friend at a Colorado Healthcare Communicators event. Lone Peak was considering several different reputation management programs, but the friend insisted that SocialClimb was the best solution.

SocialClimb’s features met all of Lone Peak’s needs:

  • Increase the quantity and quality of social reviews coming from satisfied patients
  • Service integrated with the practice management software the practices already use
  • Automated review reminders that are effective but not pushy
  • Fully customized for each practice’s needs
  • Leads to real-world results
  • Ability to manage online reputation through monitoring and responding to negative reviews
  • Awareness of online conversations about each practice
  • Ability to create best practice responses for team members to use so employees know best how to respond.
  • A service recovery feature that determines the top reasons practices are receiving negative reviews


  • Lone Peak Dental Group’s practices use SocialClimb reports to respond to reviews in a way that works best for them. Lone Peak chose to have one point person at each practice receive all notifications so he or she can actively monitor and react. This was possible because of SocialClimb’s real-time integration through its APIs. SocialClimb sends notifications to the designated team member via email and text. Through these reporting tools, each point person receives instant notifications, daily and weekly summaries, and monthly location and provider reports.
  • SocialClimb has improved Lone Peak’s online reputation. When potential patients search for dentists online, Lone Peak’s practices top the search results and display impressive numbers of positive reviews. Lone Peak staff members are seeing more patients come into their offices, and they attribute this increase entirely to SocialClimb because they didn’t make any other changes.


Lone Peak Dental Group started with integrating SocialClimb into just eight of their 55+ practices. Since they started using SocialClimb, they’ve seen a 75 percent increase in new patients through word-of-mouth referrals.

Now, each integrated practice has 40 or 50 reviews, with over 4,000 reviews across all the practices. The average rating has also increased from 4.4/5 stars to 4.56/5.

As of the end of March 2019, Lone Peak has 32 practices actively using SocialClimb. These practices have seen a 191 percent increase in reviews, going from 344 in 2017 to 1,000 in 2018. This far outreaches their original goal of a 20 percent increase.

Their goal is to own 200 practices, and they plan to integrate SocialClimb into each of them. SocialClimb has proven itself to be a small investment that consistently delivers impressive returns.

“Despite the unique challenges each of our practices face, SocialClimb has helped us improve across the board,” says Julia Falk Mulhern, marketing manager at Lone Peak Dental Group. “Not only has this platform boosted each practice’s online reputation, but it has also increased our bottom line. SocialClimb has been a dream to work with.”

SocialClimb create 5 star reputations for top doctors and practices.

Every Month each practice receives dozens of reviews

SocialClimb's insights views enable you to track the growth invisibility and potential revenue your reputation brings.

Inbound calls and clicks from patients have increased by 120%

SocialClimb makes listing management for your doctors and practice easy.

Most practices have become the top-rated local search result in their area

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