Demographic Insights


SocialClimb’s Demographic insights and reports make it easy to see feedback from diverse patient groups. Because SocialClimb integrates thoroughly with your record system, the analysis is seamless and HIPAA compliant.

Use these statistically sound insights to address problems and set goals for your practice and providers. Compare your results to industry benchmarks. Track your progress over time to show continuous improvement for CAHPS, MIPS, PROMs, diversity initiatives, and more.

Display patient feedback with number-based bar graphs or expression-based sentiment lists. Use smart interactive features to customize your view and explore the data.

See demographics individually or in combinations for significant categories:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Language preference
  • Ethnicity
  • Zip code

View demographic statistics, sentiments, and individual reviews


Numbers and graphs show actionable statistics.  Statistical significance is built in, to highlight consistent patterns. You can customize the numbers used for statistical significance. 

You can even take a “focus group” approach, choosing to evaluate any patterns in a defined number of responses.

Sentiments and individual reviews show human experience. Use the sentiments view to see common words and expressions used by different demographic groups. This view helps you to understand the human experience behind the numbers, to develop better responses.

SocialClimb scans for and highlights keywords that show strong positive or negative experience, showing repetition counts and patterns.

Drill down further to read full individual reviews.

Demographic insights drill down to see individual reviews

Measure and benchmark demographic reports to meet goals


Compare your demographic feedback to best-practice guidelines. Identify problems, establish initiatives, and track your progress toward goals over time.

You can also use SocialClimb’s demographic reports to provide documentation to meet government regulations or meet requirements for compensation.

Easily measure and report these important benchmarks: 

  • Changing results over time.
  • Data by provider, specialty group, or location.
  • Industry standards, data warehouses, and other SocialClimb clients.
  • Continuous improvement trends for CAHPS, MIPS, PROMs, diversity initiatives, and more.

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