Listing Management


At SocialClimb, we understand how Google crafts their search results to best fit what searchers are looking for.  We understand specifically how this applies to medical practices and potential patients searching for a physician.

SocialClimb’s extensive listing management and optimization tools move your physicians to the top of the Local Search results.  Our Boost feature further maximizes Google’s search system, as our analytics help you determine where to find your best-fit clients, and then promote your quality listings in your preferred markets.

When a patient searches for a knee surgeon, you want them to see and choose your knee surgeons. Search engines like Google reward practices who have developed internet-search-friendly listing pages. When you use SocialClimb’s tools to optimize your Google My Business listing you match your potential patient needs and show at the top of their search results.

Dominating Google searches is key, because data show that more than 80% of patient searches happen through Google. Beyond Google, patients use other medical review platforms such as HealthGrades, Vitals, and WebMD to find physicians. SocialClimb’s tools help you optimize your physician and practice information on those platforms as well.

Optimize physician listings


The SocialClimb suite helps you win the Local Search battle for the most possible “shelf space” in the Google search results of patients looking for your services. Because location is central to Local Searches, it is essential to have a separate Google My Business page for each physician at each location where they see patients.

Creating and managing these many Google My Business pages for so many locations can be a daunting task for any office, especially big ones. Our listing management product is specifically designed to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you:



  • Central creation and access to all your listing pages.  Use SocialClimb’s one-stop dashboard to easily develop, edit, track, view, and compare all your listings, for all physicians at all locations.
  • Knowing what matters. Our industry-savvy team and tools help you claim, configure and manage the listings that matter.
  • Bulk content management tools. SocialClimb’s bulk editing tools mean you can replicate content to change hundreds of Google My Business pages in seconds.
  • Smart, detailed analytics. Our tools analyze your Google My Business pages, checking the components that search engines love.  We evaluate keywords, keyword combinations, service categories, links to your website, and more and then give you a score showing where you can improve making it simple and easy to get found.
  • Quick-look score, summary, and advice.  SocialClimb’s Listing Management score quickly shows you the quality of your listings.  See what you’ve completed and what you can improve, and use our advice with confidence.
  • Boost feature to promote growth in defined populations. Use SocialClimb’s analytics to reach your preferred market segments. Publicize your reputation directly to the clients you want most, then leverage your authority to bring in high-value customers.
  • Scaled promotions. SocialClimb’s Boost feature automatically adapts to your real-time practice volume, turning on and off to save you money and meet your goals for practice growth.
  • Up-to-the-minute technology.  We consistently monitor Local Search trends and methods, and adapt to keep you ahead with the best practices for success.
  • White-glove service.  Our experienced team can help you set up and optimize what you need. We want to ensure your success.

Google My Business posts


SocialClimb’s Posts feature is a great example of SocialClimb’s attention to the most current trends in maximizing Local Search.  Google’s “Posts” function for Google My Business pages is a popular and significant trend where businesses attach images and video to their listings.  Google My Business pages with great posts rank higher and are more effective in attracting customers.

SocialClimb’s Posts feature helps medical practices use images and video to highlight their physicians and locations to potential patients,  both promoting their reputation and further raising their list rank in search results.

Use the SocialClimb Post feature to easily upload, schedule and push Posts to one or all of your Google My Business pages. This innovative feature makes it simple to distribute posts, monitor their value, and add fresh posts any time.