Service Recovery


Even the best physicians receive some negative feedback. SocialClimb’s medical service recovery tools make it easy to see, manage, and respond to negative reviews. Scanning through and responding to the many online review platforms can overwhelm office staff and practice managers, especially those with many physicians at multiple locations. SocialClimb’s automated service recovery tools solve this problem by constantly monitoring the major review platforms for all your physicians and locations. Then our system notifies your team immediately of any negative reviews. Our system organizes all negative reviews into one central list, where staff can see, assign, track, and respond all from one place without ever having to visit the various review platforms individually. When you respond quickly and sincerely, you improve patient care in real ways.  When potential customers search for you on these platforms  and see your efforts to correct unsatisfactory experiences, they will also trust that your practice is serious about providing good service to patients.

View, assign, and track online reviews with ease


SocialClimb’s service recovery tools include:

  • Immediate, automatic notification of any poor reviews. Our system constantly scans all major review platforms, then automatically emails or texts you to let you know when there is a problem.
  • Natural language evaluation. SocialClimb’s risk monitoring and mitigation tools use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and keyword monitoring to scan and identify patient patterns and risks.
  • A one-stop report showing all reviews. Our tools organize all reviews in a central list.  You see all negative and/or positive reviews in one place, without combing through hundreds of reviews on multiple sites daily.
  • One-stop responses.  Respond directly to reviews from this central list. SocialClimb’s tools post your responses on the outside review platforms so you do not have to log on and hunt through multiple platforms yourself.
  • Bank of curated responses. Compose your own, or choose from our collection of effective responses. We also offer advice to help you maintain HIPAA compliance throughout the online process.
  • Assignment and tracking tools.  Quickly assign any review and related service issues to a specific provider or staff member. The SocialClimb review report continues to track these service issues in the list, so you can see when and how problems are addressed.
  • Customizable report view.  Change your report view to understand trends in your practice.  For example, look at reviews by the provider, by location, by types of services, and more.
  • Continuous monitoring. The SocialClimb system continues to monitor poor reviews even after issues are resolved. You can check back with customers later to see if they remain satisfied and if they would update their online review.
  • Risk evaluation. We integrate easily with the research-based PARS (Patient Advocacy Reporting System) developed by Vanderbilt University Medical School.
  • Full-featured survey system for detailed patient feedback. Our survey system supports HCAHPS (CAHPS®), meaningful use surveys, patient satisfaction measurements, and more industry standards toward improving medical service.