Review Management


SocialClimb’s Online Review Management system is the easiest way to get your satisfied patients to leave positive reviews at social sites.  Our tools quickly improve your online reputation and simplify service recovery. Your online presence as a practice is key to potential patient perception.  When the rare unhappy patient leaves a negative review for your practice, the damage can be significant.  Potential patients want assurances from existing patients about the care and experience they can expect. SocialClimb’s Reputation Marketing tools help your practice cultivate many great reviews and respond quickly to any negative ones.

Use the SocialClimb process


The SocialClimb model is simple. Patients automatically receive a text or email requesting feedback within 24 hours of care. They are typically able to complete the review process in 30 to 60 seconds.

Our data show that approximately 10% of patients will complete the process for a simple star rating and a written social review. These reviews show up on Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, and other common review sites.

Ratings and reviews help your physicians and practices improve their ranking and presence in Local Search results.

Key Features:

  • Full automation and integration. SocialClimb integrates seamlessly with all practice management systems, meaning no headaches and no effort from you.
  • Customizable messaging. Choose the messages your patients get sent and the platforms they are prompted to give reviews on.
  • Easy review tracking. SocialClimb not only enables you to collect more reviews but also helps you to keep track of the information that is in them.  Get updates when you receive a poor review, solve the problem, and track its progress within the SocialClimb system.
  • Centralized response tools. All reviews from all platforms flow into one dashboard. You can quickly see and respond to Google, Facebook, and other online reviews from one place.
  • Service recovery. SocialClimb’s service recovery tools enable you to annotate, assign, and track your team’s efforts to resolve the issues patients report.
  • HIPAA compliance and security. Our system is fully HIPAA compliant, and our engineering team has extensive training and experience in security and compliance. We are audited by 3rd parties and frequently tested via white hat security penetration tests.

Split invitation flow


SocialClimb’s split invitation flow solves a common problem for practices seeking online reviews:  It is important to build the reputation for each of your doctors and for each  of your locations.  Should you focus on getting patients to share ratings and reviews for the doctor-based sites, or for the practice-owned locations?  Is there a way for positive physician reviews to also improve your location ratings? With SocialClimb’s split invitation flow you can build both.  Simply choose the percentage of patients you want to be routed in each direction, for a review to build a physician or a location.  Change this percentage at any time based on your reputation needs.  SocialClimb takes care of the rest. With no additional effort or business model changes, both your doctors and your locations will build their reputations quickly.