Patient Survey System


Patient surveys make it easier for practices and doctors to improve the patient experience and customer satisfaction.  SocialClimb’s patient survey system contains all the tools you need to easily collect and process the right data for your practice.

Running a good practice requires you to critically look at areas of improvement for your doctors and staff.  For your reputation management, patient perception and satisfaction are the most important areas to address.  Although reviews are one way your customers can voice their thoughts, offering patients a survey allows a more private and detailed outlet for patients to leave feedback.  Over time, you can improve your practice and better protect yourself from future poor reviews.

SocialClimb’s survey tools makes it easy to create and deliver surveys, then analyze and report data.  You can customize survey delivery to whatever level you want, right down to an individual physician, location, or clinic.  You can also easily customize data reports to analyze and see trends in your practice.

Get higher response rates and instant feedback to improve your practice at all levels using SocialClimb’s powerful survey system.

Survey innovations automated


SocialClimb’s comprehensive survey system completely automates survey delivery by integrating with your practice management system to access patient contact data.  Surveys are then automatically delivered directly to your patients with no further work from you or your team.

With this personal contact, SocialClimb survey response rates are almost 30%.  SocialClimb’s patient survey tools let you manage who receives a survey and also customize which questions to ask. This way you get the data you really want.  Our system then makes it simple to manage, understand, and communicate survey response data, organizing it in a central system.  From here, you can easily create and deliver customized reports to analyze practice trends.

Use SocialClimb’s survey system to harness the power of patient convenience and make your practice a better place.  Top features include:

  • Easy creation and editing of customized surveys.
  • Prebuilt questions available in the SocialClimb question library.
  • Full-featured survey system supporting HCAHPS (CAHPS®), meaningful use surveys, patient satisfaction measurements, and other industry standards to meeting government regulations and improve medical service.
  • Automated delivery via text and email to your patients.
  • Combined survey and review requests allow patients to respond to surveys and provide public reviews via one interaction, avoiding patient overload.
  • Instant notifications informing staff of any poor responses to allow timely service recovery
  • Easy comparisons of physicians, office locations, and staff, and comparisons by question and by survey type.
  • A Monthly Report Card and other customizable reports for physicians and management that includes review and survey data to drive awareness and improvement.
  • Complete security and HIPAA compliance.