At SocialClimb, we believe simple is always better. Our pricing structure reflects this belief. Practices can access the power of SocialClimb via a simple per month per physician pricing model.

Under this model, a practice can manage as many physical locations (Google My Business pages), have as many administrative users access the system and invite as many patients to provide reviews and take surveys as they want. No restrictions on use or the crazy high ratings and reviews they gather. Discounts on the per provider pricing model are available for practices that belong to the associations we support or groups that have high numbers of physicians. Contact our sales team for an instant quote for your group.

Business Model


Our business model is also simple, every customer is on a month-to-month contract. They can cancel their SocialClimb subscription whenever they want with no penalty.

Funny thing about canceling SocialClimb, no one ever does it. More than 99% of the practices/physicians that have tried SocialClimb continue to use it today. Additionally, we understand how medical specialty groups work so we also allow mid-level providers (extenders) such as Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Physical Therapists to use SocialClimb at no cost. Our only requirement is that there are not more extenders using the service than licensed physicians. Midlevel providers are often loved by patients and get great reviews for the practice. We encourage all practice to allow their midlevel providers to use SocialClimb to grow the practice reputation.