Reasons To Not Use An iPad To Collect Patient Feedback

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We are often asked if using an iPad in the office to collect patient surveys, feedback and reviews is a good idea. While SocialClime can be used to deliver patient experiences like these on an iPad, we would never recommend do so.

Here are the top 5 reasons to invite your patients to leave reviews from their personal devices rather than a tablet or computer in the office:

  1. If a patient chooses to leave a review on a public review platform (Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.) they will need to log into their personal account to do so. If they do not logout and the iPad is handed to another patient, you have breached at least 3 Federal PII laws including HIPAA.
  2. Google, Yelp, Facebook and Healthgrades track the IP address where reviews are submitted. If they get an excessive number of reviews coming from a single IP address (this is what happens with an iPad on the wifi at your office), they discount or throw away the majority of those reviews.
  3. Just as Google, Facebook and Yelp track IP Address, they also track geolocation for reviews. You want your patients leaving reviews from their homes or places of business so the service area for your practice is defined by happy patients leaving great reviews all over the service area. This helps you rank higher for future searches when others search for your service in those areas.
  4. Surveys delivered via SocialClime are automatically personal. Our system invites the patient to personally review the provider(s) they see and the facility they visit. The patient is never prompted for information about the details of their visit such as provider, location or personal demographics. All of those items are known and automatically used to attribute responses correctly in all reporting.
  5. Not only is using an iPad a less effective way to collect feedback, it is time consuming for the staff to deliver and it opens the practice to data compliance violations that are unnecessary.

Contact our team today to see how easy it is to collect patient feedback the right way.

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