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Improvements 7/26/23

Understanding how well marketing campaigns and tactics drive people to become patients is one of the biggest ways our platform can add value to our customers and we’ve made some updates with this release to improve our ability to show that value. We’ve added the ability for customers to include campaign tracking on external links, such as those used for online scheduling. By doing this, we’re enabling the tracking of additional types of touches other than phone calls. Self-scheduling is the first type of action we’re focusing on but future updates and enhancements will enrich our customer’s ability to track additional actions and increase their understanding of campaign impact, allowing them to make informed marketing decisions with greater ease.

With regard to predictive patient targeting, five new vision models, addressing corneal disorders, inflammation, scars, dystrophy, and cataracts, broaden the spectrum of targeting at-risk individuals with targeted marketing. Customers can also include or exclude all existing patients when creating a predictive model, which allows them more control over who sees their marketing campaigns.

Refinements in Google Business Profile handling include assigning business groups during bulk creation, improved representation of Google statuses, and prevention of unintended profile de-syncing during creation.

In summary, this comprehensive update aligns with our commitment to empowering users with cutting-edge tools, enriched insights, and a seamless platform experience. These enhancements reinforce our position as a leader in healthcare marketing solutions, providing unparalleled value to our customers.

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