SocialClimb’s extensive reporting system gives medical practices exactly what they need.  We create medical service summary reports and also detailed reports for meetings, analysis, planning, and action.

Easily configure daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports.  Quickly generate reports to show the specific data you want, such as summaries of your overall practice data, or for a particular location, or even for an individual physician.  Show status reports for immediate attention, or show trends over time.

Our customers do not spend time aggregating, summarizing, or sifting through survey and review data. With SocialClimb, you can simply schedule regular reports to be generated and delivered electronically to doctors and management, with the data sets you want, for whatever purposes your practice needs. The SocialClimb system then delivers these where you’ve specified, at the times you have chosen, and in the format, you want—with just a few simple clicks.


Physician Report Cards encourage customer care


One of SocialClimb’s most powerful reports is the regular Physician Report Card. Generate and distribute this monthly report to show everything said online and privately about each physician in your practice. This report also displays survey results and open-ended responses.

SocialClimb’s system automatically emails this report to each of your providers on the 5th day of each month, showing both raw and summary data collected during the previous month. Many practices configure this report to share the patient feedback for all physicians in a practice, creating positive peer pressure that motivates their physicians to quickly respond to service issues and continuously value their patients.

Survey results answer your practice questions


At SocialClimb, we developed our substantial survey tools to give practice managers more than just data—we help you get answers. You can know what is and isn’t working without extensive outside analysis. Easily generate regular Survey Summary reports to better understand your customer experience.

Choose survey questions from our bank of common service challenges, or create your own questions, then receive a statistically sound sampling of customer responses through our automated system.

You can quickly see the answers you need, at the level you want to understand. Our system easily helps you gather data for CAHPS and other important industry standards.  With these and other surveys, you can instantly probe your practice’s specific concerns. For example, quickly learn which offices have wait-time issues, which providers are the most caring, and which front desk team makes patients comfortable.

With our regular Survey Summary reports, you get instant notification of any reported issues, plus weekly digests and summaries showing monthly and quarterly trends. Easily evaluate your improvements over time to better meet your goals for the entire customer satisfaction cycle.

See your data any way you need it


SocialClimb’s report system makes your data available any way you need it.  We offer a robust selection of predefined reports and make it easy for you to configure reports for your specific analysis needs.

You can email our predefined reports based on your chosen schedule and to your chosen recipients.  You can also download the raw data for any report whenever you need it.

Finally, you can access your data through the SocialClimb API to enable system integrations.

This complete suite of reporting and data tools makes it possible for you to keep management and your physicians up to date.  Share your reputation and survey trends.  Celebrate your successes and develop plans to address challenges.  With SocialClimb’s system, you can use and communicate your survey and review results in whatever ways will best help you meet your goals.