Easily benchmark locally and nationally


SocialClimb offers two significant competitive analysis tools to help you benchmark your practice in today’s competitive environment. First, SocialClimb’s Monthly Practice Reputation Report is a local analysis tool that compares your practice’s reputation and ratings against local competition—the only competition that matters in attracting patients online.

Second, patient satisfaction survey results can be benchmarked against peer-practice data. For orthopedic groups, SocialClimb’s partnership with the AAOE Data Warehouse means you can easily benchmark survey results with orthopedic groups participating in the AAOE Data Warehouse initiative.

Local Search competition


The marketing battle your practice needs to win to attract new patients is the Local Search battle. Google search results simply present practices in the local area that are most relevant to potential patients looking to connect with a doctor.  This means that the better your online reputation ranks against your local competitors, the more Google-searching patients will find you.

SocialClimb’s Monthly Practice Reputation Report presents all the data and analysis you need to track your practice and individual doctor reputations as they compare with the local competition.  Since each office and each doctor has their own reputation, SocialClimb’s Monthly Practice Reputation Report lists each of your doctors at each location, ranked in order against local competitors and their rankings.

The monthly report card is an incredibly valuable resource for any practice seeking to improve itself. The report provides the following:

  • Automatically presents all reputation data for each doctor and location each month.
  • Has the power to change doctor behavior.  The positive peer pressure each doctor feels knowing that their partners/colleagues will see all patient feedback each month creates powerful motivation to value patient feedback and improve.

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National benchmarking through SocialClimb's partnership with AAOE's Data Warehouse


Through SocialClimb’s partnership with the AAOE Data Warehouse customers can better understand their SocialClimb survey results versus other comparable groups that share their survey data with the AAOE.

Access to this data helps practices better understand how they stack up against other groups that aren’t in their local area and helps groups recognize how they are doing versus industry standards. Instant access to local and national benchmarking for internal reporting and planning is easy with SocialClimb.

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