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Having a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset means believing you can meet your goals through growth. Instead of fixating on who you were or who you are, you focus forward, becoming who you want to be by learning and changing, evaluating and adapting, and applying new skills. When it comes to patient care, medical practitioners naturally implement a growth mindset as they continually evaluate and adopt new medical technologies and methods.  But when it comes to marketing to meet business goals, medical practices tend to get stuck in a fixed mindset, not sure how to learn and grow and be successful. The solution? Smart, automated marketing software that integrates a growth mindset for you.

Meet practice revenue goals by adopting intelligent, adaptable, growth-minded marketing software

To thrive and grow in the future, medical practices can simply adopt a forward-looking mindset and commit to using intelligent, automated marketing software to create the future they want.  These highly-effective software systems integrate data analytics and decision-making skills to mirror the qualities of a human growth mindset: evaluating, learning, and adapting to meet goals.

Growth-mindset software is easy to use and does the thinking for you

Physicians and medical practice managers can feel at ease adopting this kind of software. What is important for medical practices to really understand, is not the marketing software technology itself, but what the marketing software does for practices

An intelligent software package will not require you to have a deep understanding of technology or marketing. A good system will guide you through the process, asking you questions to understand your goals, then evaluating data and making recommendations. With your permission, it will act to place targeted reputation ads. Then the system constantly monitors and adapts to meet your goals.

Are you defending the past? Sustaining the present? Or creating the future? 

Think about your own approach to marketing. Then consider how you currently use software and internet search technologies toward your marketing success. Are you defending the past? sustaining the present? or actually creating the future? 

Maybe you haven’t thought much about this, but at SocialClimb, we think about this all the time! Our mission is to apply cutting-edge technology to medical practice growth. We see the differences that come from a mindset of yesterday vs today vs tomorrow.

The old, fixed-mindset way of yesterday is getting stuck by trying to defend your reputation. Often called “reputation management,” this approach is not enough to meet future goals. Today’s successful practices use the internet to demonstrate their current reputation and attract new patients online. This model of “reputation marketing” is effective and really helps practices. Tomorrow is even better, though, as it allows dramatic and targeted growth, applying “automated practice marketing” through intelligent software that thinks, applies, and adapts to meet your very specific goals.

Do your actions show a growth mindset?

Our chart below compares the medical practice marketing of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Look through the chart to understand how tomorrow’s approach can help you achieve marketing success by simply having a forward-looking attitude to technology and adopting growth-minded software.

Where do your actions fall on this chart?

Evolution from reputation management to reputation management to automated practice marketing

SocialClimb’s commitment to real physicians

At SocialClimb, we are committed to helping physicians in practices of all sizes to stay independent and successful.  Our own growth mindset means we constantly evaluate the intersection of technology and marketing, to give real physicians dramatic results—so they can continue to focus on patient care.

To see how SocialClimb products can meet your goals, read about our approach to targeted patient acquisition. Or, simply contact us for a free demo.

You can also learn more about SocialClimb’s marketing philosophies in recent editions of the AAOE newsletter. Read here to understand best practices for medical reputation marketing and how Medical Practice Managers can evaluate and use current technology for success. Read here to dive into our vision for the future of automated practice marketing–which of course we offer.


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