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Here at SocialClimb, we like mapping data for client growth. In fact, our advanced data analysis and data mapping help medical practices of all sizes stay competitive and acquire the patients they want. We especially like this data map, showing SocialClimb’s current client locations across the United States. (Happy Birthday United States!)

SocialClimb client base across U.S.

SocialClimb client base across the United States

SocialClimb helps physicians stay independent and competitive

We are proud to see our customer base growing regularly. Having an expansive customer base makes a difference. We hear from real physicians and practices like you on how our software makes it possible to stay independent, but still compete against “the big guys.”

We know what we’re talking about

The client map above reflects our influence and experience:

  • Our database now includes more than 10,000 practices across the country, representing more than 70,000 physicians.
  • We have helped thousands of practices and physicians optimize their Google My Business pages.
  • We send out more than 500,000 requests for reviews each month.
  • We track and see a full 10% of these requests returned, meaning our client physician ratings reflect a statistically representative sampling of all their clients.

SocialClimb data shows impressive results for real-world medical practices

A look inside our database shows significant client growth across the country:

  • Our client physician ratings typically go up 1.25 stars in 6 months time, all based on legitimate, statistically sound patient feedback.
  • We see our physicians’ online search rankings climb to the top 3 within 6-9 months.
  • Physicians using SocialClimb’s essential tools on average increase their revenue by $11,050/month per physician.

Comparing data yields even more dramatic results for measurable client growth

It’s satisfying to see how the map of our customer locations correlates to census population distribution.

population dot density

U.S. Population Distribution







SocialClimb Professional helps you attract high-value clients from the larger population. Do you ever wonder how to effectively reach a broader group of potential clients? Imagine if you could compare your practice data with real local demographic data to find the patients that best match your preferred patient profile. Our newest SocialClimb features–SocialClimb Professional–actually do that. Our advanced software compares data geographically on a micro level, to help our customers bring in more of their high-value clients.

SocialClimb Professional compares practice data and demographic data. First, our software evaluates your current patient data, then compares this to real demographic data and actual medical case data from surrounding zip codes. Our software then generates maps to show where your current patients come from, and where you can find more potential clients who match your preferred patient profile.

SocialClimb Professional recommends and places automated reputation ads. With the speed and accuracy of a well oiled machine, our system makes recommendations for where to place automated, targeted reputation ads to reach these patients at the moment they are searching for your services. You look at the recommendations and then say “go.”








If you are already on the SocialClimb client map, we’re glad to have you on board! If you’d like to see results like those described above, contact us for a demo.

Read more about the SocialClimb Professional feature set to understand how mapping data can help you place reputation ads to grow at the rate you want. You can also learn more about SocialClimb’s essential standards for reputation marketing, and our vision of using smart software to stay competitive in the future.

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