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Taking charge of your patient acquisition will allow you to target and attract patients ideal for you. 

I took my daughter on a hike to the top of a mountain when she was young. (Just bare with me, I promise this applies to patient acquisiton.) She knew where we were going, but she had no idea what the payoff would be—the excellent view that could be found in no other way. She got tired about 1 ½ hours before we reached our goal and didn’t want to go on. We’d been on the trail for several hours, so her fatigue was understandable. Without knowing what was beyond, the lovely meadow she stopped in would be considered a fine destination. 

I had her drink a full bottle of water and convinced her, eventually, to go on. When we reached the top and could see down into two valleys, she conceded that it was worth the hike. Sometimes it’s easy to be content with where you are when you can’t envision the possibilities at the top of the mountain. 

You may be content with how things are. You have enough patients. You’re even able to do enough of those knee replacements you love to keep you happy. But what if a little more effort would bring a payoff you haven’t even considered? 

The Possibilities of Patient Acquisition

In a recent article, Stop Losing New Patients to Other Doctors, we talked about a couple of simple steps you can take to attract your ideal patients. Whether you are affiliated with a hospital or a private practice, you can have the proper patient acquisition tools in place to attract patients based on your merit. What’s more, you should spend your time seeing the patients you want to see and who will bring the most value. 

Where you are and where you could be are vastly different. Let’s crunch a few numbers and take a look at what our platform has done for the talented doctors at Bluegrass Orthopaedics and Johns Hopkins Orthopaedics.

Bluegrass Orthopaedics

Bluegrass Orthopaedics began working with SocialClimb to improve their reputation and optimize their GBP listings in August, 2019. With those two elements in place, Andrew Carlson, Bluegrass director of sports medicine, was ready to take the next step. He wanted to leverage their excellent physician reputations to target and attract high-value patients that would boost their revenue. He decided to try Boost Ads in one of their offices. 

First, Carlson used our Patient Analytics and predictive models to identify zip code areas with high concentrations of patients with joint pain. They were able to find several hot zip code areas, including one area they had not previously marketed to. They used the information to set up their geo targets.   

predictive analytics drives patient acquisition

Next, he deployed their Boost Ads. When patients in those zip code areas used the right search terms, Bluegrass ads popped up at the top of Google’s search results. 

Their marketing report shows their excellent results at the office that tried the Boost Ads from January 1 to March 31. 

  • Calls from GBP listing (reputation): 292
  • Calls from Boost Ads: 148
  • Total inbound phone calls: 440
  • 49% increase in calls
  • Appointments made from Boost Ads: 52
  • Conversion rate from Boost Ads: 35%

One of the best features of our platform is our ability to provide a reliable ROI, and one of the most important aspects of ROI is the patient acquisition cost (PAC). Two pieces of information important to note as you interpret the data listed below: 1. Remember that the patients attracted from Boost Ads are high-value patients who will bring up the overall patient value. 2. The average patient value of $800 listed on the marketing report is an estimate provided by Bluegrass. 

  • Boost PAC: $59
  • ROI from Boost Ads 
    • $38,500 ($41,600 – $3,100) 
    • 1,242% (($41,600 – $3,100) / $3,100 x 100)
Bluegrass Marketing Report

The numbers speak for themselves. Since their initial trial of Boost Ads at the beginning of 2020, Bluegrass Orthopaedics has expanded their use of the feature. They have even funneled funds from other marketing efforts into Boost Ads because they can measure their ROI and have proven their value. 

Johns Hopkins Orthopaedics

Johns Hopkins Orthopaedics was getting a good flow of patients, but they weren’t attracting the patients they needed. Community members turned to doctors at Johns Hopkins when things went wrong, because they knew and trusted that they had the expertise to make things right. When it came to more simple procedures, however, patients didn’t look their way. They scheduled with other doctors in their community who were easily found in online searches.

They had respect in their community as experts, but the majority of procedures they were performing were low revenue fixes rather than higher revenue initial procedures. That needed to change. 

Within a few months of partnering with us, they received over 2,800 new reviews and jumped from a Google rating of 3.67 to 4.81 stars. Johns Hopkins is now landing at the top of online search results to organically attract new patients thanks to optimized Google Business Profiles (GBP) and robust online reviews that demonstrate excellent patient care.

Johns Hopkins data

Reach New Heights in Patient Acquisition

If you’re content with where you are, that’s good. But if you’re intrigued by the possibility of where you could be, we should talk. At SocialClimb, we are offering opportunities you simply cannot find anywhere else. You can leverage your expertise as a skilled physician to attract patients that will boost your revenue, patients that you want to see. 

Now is not the time to remain the best kept secret around. Let your community know you’re available to them. Give them the opportunity to weigh all their options and make the best decision for their situation. Let’s be clear, if you do nothing with your social presence, many patients will never even see you in their search for the best doctor they can find. 

Give our team a call today at 866-338-8270, and let us show you how you can improve your visibility, attract your ideal patients, and measure your ROI on your marketing spend. 

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