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Remember the report cards of your elementary school days? Sometimes they showed exactly the good grades we expected. Sometimes they pleasantly surprised us with the good news they carried. And sometimes they unpleasantly surprised us with grades we definitely didn’t want to write home about.

SocialClime gives out report cards, too. But unlike those from high school, they always carry good news. Whether doctors get a good report or a bad report, SocialClime’s report cards always help doctors improve. SocialClime report cards offer actionable data, encourage doctors to compete with themselves, and make medical practices better.

Get Actionable Data

Every month, doctors automatically receive report card providing all ratings, reviews, and feedback that SocialClime has gathered from their patients. Naturally, these reports give doctors a better understanding of their patients’ feelings about them and their service, showing doctors what they’re doing well and what they could be doing better.

Provider report card

Unlike a report card from high school, doctors don’t see an A or a C- printed next to each category. Rather, they see actionable data from the people who matter most, empowering them to measure and improve their practice.

Compete to Improve

One of the benefits of SocialClime report cards is that they allow doctors to measure their own success over time. And that’s where the competition comes in: doctors compete with themselves to receive better reviews, higher ratings, and more positive feedback.

Merriam-Webster defines a winner as “one that is successful especially through praiseworthy ability and hard work.” If there’s any group of people that works hard, it’s doctors, so they’re already winners! But SocialClime report cards allow doctors to compete against themselves and win at their personal goals.

Improve Reviews and Practices

SocialClimb helps businesses get better reviews in two ways: by (1) asking patients to leave reviews and (2) helping make doctors better so they don’t get negative reviews in the first place. Report cards, then, help doctors not only improve their online reputation, but actually make them better doctors.

In high school, report cards could could only confirm what you already knew or surprise you, for better or worse. But SocialClime report cards always deliver good news. They offer actionable data, encourage doctors to compete with themselves, and make medical practices better. SocialClime doesn’t require a long term commitment, gives no additional workload to your staff, and is HIPAA compliant, easy to set up, and extremely effective.

Now that’s something to write home about.

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